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R&R auctions just keep filing the same motion over and over, hoping for a better outcome in the same courtroom.


Prior to ALL of this, R&R had the chance to have a protective order, they declined, didn't feel it was necessary.  15 months after the video depositions are posted on Mr. Johnson's legal websites, all of a sudden R&R has issues, and start to file for protective orders.  They are told, over and over, NO, you can't get one, and that it's Mr. Johnson's Constitutional right to have them on his websites.

This does not seem to stick with them, so they just keep filing saying give us a protective order.


in part: Even if the court were to consider the renewed motion, the court would reach the same result as before. As discussed at length in ruling on the prior motion, the First Amendment protects even allegedly defamatory material from prior restraint. The injury asserted by R&R is reputational and within the same nature and character of injury claimed in defamation cases in which prior restraint is precluded. The video depositions which had been posted for over a year before the original motion was brought are protected by the First Amendment and the court will not issue a prior restraint order as to those videos.


As to upcoming video depositions, the court has previously determined that First Amendment considerations do not heighten the ordinary burden of proof with respect to protective orders. (See Code Civ. Proc., § 2025.420, subd. (b).) After determining that R&R had not met its burden to restrict dissemination or use of all upcoming depositions, the court specifically stated that this disposition was without prejudice to further motions specific to particular depositions. The court left open the opportunity R&R (or a deponent) to make a fact specific showing as to a particular deposition. Consistent with this understanding, the court granted protective order motions as to Grad and Orlando. R&R’s motion here repeats its generic argument that Johnson misused the earlier videos. The court would still deny R&R’s generic motion without prejudice to motions specific to particular depositions, for which a full meet-and-confer process would be required and for which sanctions would be available against an unsuccessful moving or responding party.
For the alternative reasons stated above, the court will deny R&R’s renewed motion.
The court shall impose a monetary sanction under Chapter 7


Now R&R is really upset that Michael Johnson has added Shill bidding to part of his lawsuit.  This will be heard on August 12, 2016.

How can R&R have a leg to stand on, when they destroyed all of their shill bidding records when the Fed's closed in on Mastro's???  If you destroyed your own records, then you give up the right to answer questions on the matter.  You destroyed evidence!

You have a signed document from Karen Burris that says John Reznikoff was a serial Shill bidder in the auctions, we all know from the list that was shown in the Mastro's case that Mr. Reznifoff was a big shiller in those auctions, so how do we not know if Johnson was not shilled in his R&R auctions?

Eaton destroyed records, so good luck trying to talk your way out of that one.


THEN you have this matter of a sealed protective order with Steve Grad and Joe Orlando of PSA/DNA, and somehow Roger Epperson, R&R's music authenticator, files sections of the transcript.   Just how did that happen?  You had to really fight, like 3 or 4 times into court to get it so those videos didn't get posted, and like fools you just hand it to Roger, who like the village idiot, throws you guys right under the bus, files parts of it, in his case against Johnson, thinking it will help him, when all it does is prove that you all share information and that Steve Grad did SIGN the paper, which Roger denied for 5 years, and proves that a sealed court document in California in that case means nothing.  How do you think the Judge is going to rule going forward when she see's how you treated her ruling?





stay tuned...



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  • Mr. Booth - a timely post, you all will no doubt be pleased to learn.  For I am now permitted to publicly divulge that back in (around) 2003/04, Bob Eaton decided to get rid of several RR computers and replace them with newer one Bill White "needed" to bring RR into the state-of-the-art realm at their new digs on Rt 101A in Amherst NH and the company's "real-time" needs for their online catalog and live auctions.

    Bob gave Kay two of those computers; one for each of our daughters who were in middle school at the time (classmates actually of Elizabeth Otto's son Evan.

    Well what the brilliant Mssr's White & Eaton did NOT know, was those computers were not cleaned of several years of internal, AND external emails between RR/Eaton's "inner circle", of which Kay certainly was, as she was running the company as Operations Director by this time.  So, many of those "missing records" Bob Eaton claimed to have destroyed, were actually sitting safe in Kay's hands at the time of her death!

    In addition, Kay often worked from our home, on my personal desktop computer.  THAT computer also had years of similar email correspondence between Kay, Bob Eaton, Bill White, Elizabeth Otto, John Reznikoff, and many of those PSA/DNA cronies.

    Naturally, all three of those computers, along with those previously discussed FIVE boxes of RR financial records our attorneys subpoenaed to vigorously defend ourselves of RR's false (and NEVER indicted, let alone proved) allegations against Kay, and myself, were late last year turned over Federal Investigators.

    Also, I have been advised by my counsel, that since the Eatons & other RR principals (family members) violated the terms of the Mutual / General Settlement Agreement they offered to me, and subsequently signed into a legally binding contract with me; I am no longer bound by the tens of that agreement.  Subsequently (consequently for Eaton, et al), I will soon post that settlement agreement herewith on this site via Autograph Planet and Hauls of Shame, to offer further light on the truth, and RR's practices of lies and disregard for the rule of law.  So yes, unequivocally, stay tuned....!

This reply was deleted.