Just amazing what this case has turned into for R&R Auctions.  We finally have a court trial date of January 17, 2017.


Look at this email from one of the newest lawyers hired by R&R Auctions, Anita Jain:


R&R even inquiring about Michael Johnson's father?!!  (Who has sadly passed away) 

When is enough, enough?  How low will these people go?  

The email was sent August 28, 2016 by Anita Jain. Anita Jain is the latest in a long line of attorneys who have represented and currently represent Defendant RR Auction in the Michael Johnson vs. RR Auction matter in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

The recipient of Anita Jain’s August 28, 2016 email is Nathan Hodges. Nathan Hodges is an attorney in Bakersfield, California and, allegedly, general counsel for a company Plaintiff’s father Lloyd Johnson founded in 1991. Mr. Hodges, currently represents the company as a Defendant in an action Plaintiff’s father brought in 2011.

The subject box of Anita Jain’s August 28, 2016 email to Nathan Hodges states: Johnson: Investigator?

Plaintiff believes the subject title of Anita Jain’s August 28, 2016 email to Nathan Hodges to mean that RR Auction is moving to set-up surveillance on Plaintiff in Bakersfield, California.

Anita Jain’s email begins asking Nathan Hodges if he has “a recommendation for an investigator to do surveillance for us in the Bakersfield area”.

Plaintiff believes “us” referenced by Anita Jain is Defendant RR Auction.

Anita Jain’s email concludes: “It looks like CKC is remaining as counsel in our case”.

Plaintiff believes “our case” referenced by Anita Jain is Defendant RR Auction.

Anita Jain refers to Nathan Hodges as “Nate” inferring that her August 28, 2016 email correspondence was not the first between Anita Jain and Nathan Hodges. The substance of Anita Jain’s email further appears to show Nathan Hodges has previously provided Anita Jain with private and confidential information about Plaintiff’s father’s health.

Anita Jain’s August 28, 2016 email was filed on or about August 29, 2016 by Nathan Hodges in Kern County Superior Court and is public record.


Autograph Planet will report on this and more as things become PUBLIC RECORD!

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