PSA/DNA When Will the Insanity Stop?

Psa/Dna When Will The Insanity STOP!


I was recently asked to authenticate a signature of baseball player Billy Martin.  The following illustration is in my opinion is a 100% genuine autograph of Billy Martin.


                                                    Genuine Autograph Of Billy Martin


Several collectors/dealers chose to pay PSA/DNA to authenticate Billy Martin autographed items. The following four are just some of the items sent to PSA/DNA.




 Many of you reading this article may not be autograph experts.  But common sense says how could anyone pass these four items as GENUINE!  This is a total embarrassment and makes one think about the seriousness of using and spending your hard earned dollars on authenticating an autograph.

Baking up this insanity one only has to log onto www.ripoffreport and type in PSA/DNA Autograph Services, Ripoff reports, Complaints, Reviews, Scams, Lawsuits and Frauds reported.

If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you try logging onto PSA/DNA Reviews and Complaint. Ratings:

1 Star out of 5 for Customer Service.  No accountability.

2 Stars for Website.  Lack of expertise.

2 Stars for Staff.

The “experts” listed for sports autographs are Kevin Keating and Bill Corcoran.


The parent company for PSA/DNA is Collectors Universe. Seven months ago the stock on the new York Exchange was selling for over $30 a share. Today it’s down to $13.26.  Analyst’s has the stock as a “Sell.”

Use you head and eyes. How could the “experts” authenticate the 4 illustrations above? What is the reason for passing these four items? Were the items from a favored submitter?

Does it matter anymore if any signed item has to be real?  It just has to be authenticated as Genuine!

Some collectors will eventually end up with these items. 

An additional joke, are you aware that some of those abc type authenticating outfits use eBay to see if the autograph they have match the one's being offered on the auction site? What this means if the ABC type company has an original Billy Martin signature to be authenticated and sees that it doensn't match the four illustrated above on ebay then their opinion will be that the genuine signature they hold will be declared  not genuine. So sad!

This explains the thousands of genuine autographs being authenticated as not authentic. 

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