Looks like another mistake by PSA/DNA in this months RR Auction.

Lets look at RR Auction mistake?   Lot #855

51st Academy Awards program signed by 16 Oscar winners
Program from the 51st Annual Academy Awards Presentation held on April 9, 1979, 9 x 12, signed on the front cover in black ink by various Oscar recipients, including: Gregory Peck, Jane Fonda, Julie Andrews, Patricia Neal, Marisa Tomei, Liza Minelli, Charlton Heston, Al Pacino (signing over Peck in black felt tip), Maximilian Schell, Faye Dunaway, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, Cloris Leachman, F. Murray Abraham, and John Williams. Also signed on the back cover by Joel Grey. In fine condition, with expected handling wear, and irregular ink adhesion to the portion of Heston’s signature crossing over the gold statue. An impressive assemblage of Oscar winners from Hollywood’s most important night. Pre-certified PSA/DNA.

How could Marisa Tomei sign this as a award winne when her first film wasen't until 1984?  Her first acadamy award win wasn't until 1992.

How could Marisa Tomei sign this award winning program in 1979, when she was 15 years old and in high school?

How can this be?

This has to be a mistake right?  How could a person that didn't win the award until 1992, and was in high school and was only 15 years old, sign a acadamy awards winner program from 1979??!!

Can anybody explain this to me and the autograph community?

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  • UPDATE: Description Update
    Note: this is not signed by Marisa Tomei, as described in the catalog, but by Eva Marie Saint.The signatures were all obtained in-person later, not in 1979.

  • The program is signed in the same pen.  Highly unlikely someone kept that pen for years or decades to add more signatures to it.  It's a screw up.  Marisa Tomei did not sign this program.

  • "An impressive assemblage of Oscar winners from Hollywood’s most important night."

    I take this as that the signatures are from people from THIS IMPORTANT NIGHT, not from the next decade...and beyond...

  • That could be.  BUT, what I have noticed over the past month on PAWN STARS, is people are coming in with signed items like this from RR Auctions, with a description of one thing, and the item being different.  They showed a baseball a few weeks ago, signed by a Dodger series winning team, yet people on the ball never won one.  COA from RR, and the man wanted 5 grand and was only offered a few hundred.

    Then another guy came in with a multi signed item that again was not advertised on the COA.

    They are mis representing items.  (IMO)

    Why have people on this program that were in high school when it was going on?  Why not list it as a wide range of award winners.  When you read this, it's the understanding that you are getting 16 winners from THIS awards show, not from the 80's and beyond...

    This also drives up the price, when in reality, it's not even worth what the current bid is...

    also, am I the only person that see's it looks like the same hand signed most of these signatures??  The size of all of the is almost exactly the same...(common trait in fake autographs)  Can you show me anywhere where Julie Andrews, Jane Fonda, Liza Minelli, Charlton Heston,Gregory Peck, signed like this any other time? F. Murray Abraham starts with what looks like a "E"?

    Come on!  Really??

    Well, no RR COA as they sell everything "AS IS" so you are getting a PRE-CERT PSA/DNA, what is a PRE-CERT?  Didn't PSA stop the PRE-CERT process a few years ago???

  • If you look at the other autographs you'll see that F. Murray Abraham didn't win until 1984 for Amadeus, Glenn Close has never won an Oscar and doesn't appear at the Oscars until 1983.

    The description doesn't say they were all obtained in 1979.  I think the program was used to get many different artist at different times after 1979.

  • I can't wait to see what R&R's mouthpiece Bobby Livingston has to say about this one.  Guaranteed that Bob Eaton won't say one word.  He let's everyone who works for him take the rap.

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