PSA/DNA Mis-Authenticates Again - Goldin Auctions

Just days ago you read about a very embarrassing mis-authentication made by PSA/DNA. This was just one of the thousands of horrific mistakes made by this company who claims they can authenticate autographs. They encapsulated a George H.W. Bush signature and authenticated it as a George W. Bush signature. There is absolutely no excuse for this mistake as the two Bush signatures have no resemblance to each other. The only answer for this blunder is incompetence.

The collecting of items signed by the Presidents of the United States has had more information documented in magazine articles and books than any other area of autograph collecting. There are multiple places one can read about land grants signed by the presidents and which president was basically the last to personally sign these type documents in volume (Andrew Jackson).

If you are an autograph authenticator it’s not possible to not know the above. Fourteen presidents later a Land Grant was signed for Chester A. Arthur by a secretary. A secretary for president Arthur signed all these type documents.

Over 130 years later someone at PSA/DNA (always unidentifiable) authenticates a signature of Chester A. Arthur on a Land grant as being genuine. See illustration below.

According to PSA/DNA’s website it costs $75. To authenticate a signature of Chester A. Arthur.

Next thought, what is wrong with an auction house that will use a service that has mis-authenticated thousand’s and thousand’s of autographs in the past.

Of the handful of employees they have, not one was capable of noticing this sophomoric error?

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