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Another Major Blunder

How many stories need to be written over 2 decades proving this “group” (maybe down to one person) should consider getting out of the autograph authenticating business?

This recent “blunder” is less than a month old and several individuals have been hurt/damaged because of an uneducated guess made by “someone” at PSA/DNA.

It’s all about a signature of John F. Kennedy. We have to assume through the years the so-called “experts” at PSA/DNA have given their opinion on hundreds, maybe more of John F. Kennedy signatures. Can we assume they charge $150.00 for each authentication?

The newest debacle is a campaign item while JFK was running for President of the United States. This item was Authorized and paid for by Wisconsin Volunteers.

JFK Campaign Item Signed

A collector purchased this item from an autograph dealer who authenticates and guarantees everything they sell. For some unknown reason the collector “thought” the item would be enhanced by having one of the ABC type authenticating companies issue one of their certificates for this item. The collector sent the item to PSA/DNA and to his amazement a certificate dated Thursday, Aril 27, 2017, came back stating the item was NOT genuine. Seven “standard” reasons found on almost every one of their turn down certificates was listed. The certificate ended “On behalf of the authentication team, Joe Orlando, President.”

Where have all the names of the so-called experts gone that were always listed on these certificates?

PSA/DNA turn down certificate

Is Joe Orlando the President of PSA/DNA the only one left? Now the president of the company is authenticating autographs.

Who gets hurt by this incompetence? The collector is out say $150 for a worthless certificate. The JFK signed item is now tainted. The collector wants to return the JFK item to the dealer for a $1800.00 refund. The collector will no longer purchase anything from the dealer. An if questioned, the reply from PSA/DNA is along the lines “well, it’s only our opinion.”

The signed item belonged to an 80+ year old women who lives in West Allis, Wisconsin.

The following letter sent to her by John F. Kennedy dated May 9, 1960 clearly states that JFK is thanking her for the diligent work she did for him on the campaign.

JFK letter of thanks to Mrs. Habanek, Wisconsin

The following illustration is a handwritten letter from Mrs. Habanek dated 10/20/03 stating she received the John Kennedy signature “in person.”

Letter from Mrs. Habanek stating she received the JFK signature in person

Impeccable provenance!

This is just one more of the thousands of mistakes made by the “PSA/DNA Authentication Team.”  Just maybe, everyone in the last 20 some odd years who had a JFK item authenticated by PSA/DNA need to have it looked at by a professional dealer who specializes in presidential autographs.

Most everyone is waiting to see who the next group of so-called experts names will be listed at the bottom of future PSA/DNA certificates.

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