PSA/DNA are they any better or is it status quo?

As many of you saw back in the middle of Sept.  It was reported here on Autograph Planet that something was a foot with PSA/DNA.  Steve "DREAMCRUSHER" Grad was being removed from all tv spots and edited out of all video's on youtube.

As of Sept 30th, there is no mention of Steve Grad, along with 2 other members that were on the team, and all the people that "work" for them have "clearer" titles on their website.  If people are workers at the company it states so, and if they are Consultant  it says so also.  With Steve Grad out, there is only one SR authenticator on staff with the title right now, and that is Zach Rullo.

Many may remember when Roger Epperson worked with PSA/DNA, he said he left the company because he felt Rullo was a "master forger"  That is neither here nor there, and is really between Roger and PSA/DNA, but it is something that he said, and since he's a teacher and member of the UACC, he can stand by his words. 

The real reason that Steve Grad left PSA/DNA many feel is because  he has been caught lying about his education in lawsuits in video depositions.  That in turn has made the "Comapny" look very bad to investors.  When somebody's caught and there is infighting and lawsuits like the Michael Johnson one, heads are going to roll, and roll they have!!!!  The self proclaimed hobby watchdog Steve "eyes and ears of the hobby" Cyrkin has been keeping tabs on everything and with Steve Grad's departure, Autograph Planet has learned that the History Channel's lawyers and programming were delivered a package detailing everything over the weekend.  As we all know the History Channel is home of the hit tv show PAWN STARS, and it will be interesting to learn what they think of a person with no education, and a person that lies about it and his education in court cases is telling people what their autographs are real or not and what the value is.  We are sure the the hobby's self proclaimed watchdog will keep us all abreast of what transpires.   It has been rumored that Steve Grad and the other men that left PSA/DNA were going to be starting up their own authentication company, but nothing official has been stated as of yet.

Also from the hobby blog sites, people are saying that PSA/DNA isn't done with the staff changes and or there are more people to leave, so please stay tuned to this blog for more details.

As always, turn to Autograph Plant for the news first,  we have it here weeks to months before the self proclaimed "eyes and ears of the hobby"

Side note:  Did anybody notice that when the news of RR Auction broke on his website, he had to shut the website down, they had to make a set of rules that EVERYBODY were to follow, real names and address with phone numbers were to be used if you were to make a comment on a story.

now a year later, and look at the new story about the FDE in Las Vegas, 92 comments, from a bunch of people with no real names.  It should also be pointed out that JSA was used (ROGER) and a UNABLE TO RENDER was issued, which means the man got a return of his money on all his claims, yet he's suing over that?

I think we all know how that case is going to  go, especially once Roger is put on the stand and his education is brought up, which we all will get to see a taste of in Oct in his OTHER court case, where Roger has tried to get out of to no avail!  Compelled to sit and be video taped.  That deposition will be posted very soon for all to see.

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