Why would Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA, tweet a record breaking signed collectible of a Ty Cobb postcard supposedly signed, by showing a composite photoshop of two different encapsulated postcards? What is the purpose of this and does not PSA/DNA, a publicly traded company, have an ethics board that would frown upon such behavior such as photoshopping and merging two separate collectibles to make one Frankenstein collectible that does NOT exist in the real world?

the two separate collectibles sold here at auctions. First the correct record breaker

Notice only the autograph and upper left corner of the card is the same as the one Orlando tweeted. The rest of the card is from this unsigned example that has sold at auction previously.

As you can see the one in Joe tweets is largely this card with only the upper left corner and the autograph superimposed on it to give the illusion that it is entirely the record breaking signed card. The flip from the record breaking signed postcard is even used in the photoshopped version.  Joe's twitter account is linked to and his tweet also appeared there previously under 'Joe's tweets'.

Why would PSA allow a photoshopped and composite card to be featured? I don't know. Is it ethical to do so and feature the correct flip for the record breaking card when it clearly is nothing but a fantasy card created to give the impression that it is the record breaking card? Was it created by PSA? If so, why? And if so, is that ethical? Why is PSA's internal ethics committee not investigating things like this. An encapsulated and tamper-evident collectible is not supposed to be tampered with, not even by a computer and put forth as something different than it is. Why can't PSA do something about it?

Again, here is the Frankensteined card which is a non existent card put together from two other cards, that Joe featured in his tweets.

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  • AWESOME FIND!!!  Send that to the Law firm, i'm sure they will be able to use it in the case against PSA!

  • Using a negative filter and edge detection, you can see that the autograph has a rectangle around it, where it was lifted from another piece. Also the composite in Joe's tweets has a slightly different color in that rectangle box where the autograph was lifted.


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