Prince's death has captured the world and brought his music back to life similar in a way to what happened to Michael Jackson.  Nothing written on the BS Autograph Magazine Live site shocks me.  I remember a few years ago Steve Cyrkin's friend Roger trying to compare a Prince symbol to a Prince autograph showing how they don't compare.  That's like trying to show how Lew Alcindor's signature doesn't match Kareem Abdul Jabbar's.  It's so foolish, so stupid, so moronic.  What I love about the comedy show Steve Cyrkin promotes is how stupid it can become.  Steve Cyrkin thinks that he can sprinkle fairy dust on someone and instantly they are experts and trustworthy simply because he says so.  If anyone recommends anyone on AML run and avoid those people.  They are NOT experts and that is a fact!

Here are just two recent quotes by the Mister Cyrkin. 

"....Epperson is excellent on Prince. If you bought them with his COA, did you ask him to verify that he actually authenticated it? The bad guys counterfeit COAs and LOAs, too....."

This is insanely funny, humorous and sad at the same time because it sounds like he believes his own Bullsh*t.  The bad guys do counterfeit COA's and LOA's and they are endorsed and promoted all the time by Steve Cyrkin.

Mister Cyrkin also stated;

".....I'd suggest they sell it in the next few months unless they're a total Prince fan with little concern about investment because I think Prince was ungodly intelligent...."

Ungodly intelligent?  I went to find some quotes by this ungodly intelligent person named Prince before and after being referred to as the artist; "Formerly known as Prince," and here are some of his ungodly intelligent remarks;

Quotes by Prince

"When I found out that there was eight Presidents before George Washington, I wanted to smack somebody."

"Time is a mind construct. It's not real."

"The internet's completely over."

"I've seen the future and it will be Batman"

I have no issues with Prince, I just never believed him to be of "ungodly talent," like Mister Cyrkin.  After reading some of Prince's quotes I now understand why Mister Cyrkin thinks he's so "ungodly intelligent"!

Advice nobody will find on AML.  Do not trust ANYONE on Prince autographs!  Nobody.  If they claim to be an expert they lied to you so run!  Least of all don't trust anything that comes out of Mister Cyrkin's lyin mouth!  I don't think I am the only person who wants to vomit every time I read his opinion, craziness and silly post's.  If you want to learn more about the bad guys, those promoted by Steve Cyrkin go to 

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  • not sure when the bottom photo is from, but the top photo is from the Super Bowl, which was just a few years ago, and I would pass from it, as again, he was not much of a signer.  

    This is again, my 2 cents, granted to me under the 1st amendment  with free speech.

  • The Prince stuff is back. I think I bungled my search the other day. I don't know what genuine Prince signatures look like, but I'm pretty sure these aren't it. Don't waste your money.

  • When somebody dies, there is a rush, to get anything signed by the person.  There was a following for him, by die hards, but he was rare, and it was known that he was RARE.  You just didn't see anything.  Now he's everywhere.  That should tell you something.

  • Prince will be heavily forged for years to come and large sums of money will change hands between unscrupulous sellers and blindly hopeful buyers, as expected.

    I did a search yesterday on ebay and there were virtually none. I'm assuming that they've placed some sort of moratorium on Prince sigs until the dust settles. I don't recall them doing this sort of thing before.

  • I'm amazed that again, overnight there are instant "experts" on him, when last month, year, and years, there were none.  He passes, and all of a sudden, it's a rush to the front of "hey I'm a expert because I say so".

    If ANYBODY needs help with his signature, please come here and we will be more then willing to help.

  • Prince was something that's for sure. A amazing, talented musician!  It is also amazing that again, all of a sudden, there are "instant overnight EXPERTS" when just a while ago these same people admitted that they didn't know Prince's autograph very well or at all.  One can only shake their heads in amazement.

    I however am willing to help out anybody with him.  A family member of mine had the great honor of working with Prince's sister in the 80's and got to meet him and be around him numerous times.  He also was able to get stuff signed for us, which was given to me.  I had the albums, sheet music, photos, all signed.  I sold these items years ago, but have the images still.

    Prince quit signing autographs in the late 80's, just stopped signing all together.  So his signature is RARE to begin with, then add to it his untimely death, you have something of real value if you have a real autograph.

    I believe that prior to his death, signed albums were worth $3000-$4000 range, now I would not sell any album for under 5 grand.  The more writing he did, the more you can sell them for.  He like to sign "LOVE GOD" "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD" "PLEASE LOVE GOD" and other things of this nature on things.  Very, very seldom did he just sign his name.  He also seemed to press really hard into the item, but that also could be the paint pens that were used to sign albums back in the day.

    I would use extreme caution right now in buying.  Just keep in the front of your mind that he didn't sign much, so when you see all these items, where have they all been?  

    Use good judgement, and feel free to ask questions, that's why we are all here.

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