President Donald Trump's autograph.

Looking at EBAY you have a lot of options. Lets take a look at some:

These are all for sale on EBAY right now. 

All authenticated as "Authentic" by a 3rd party company. (currently not on the approved list of company's)

(Screen captured as the owner is known to go and "delete" images and numbers from his database)

What is the collective opinion of these items?  This seller seems to have a endless supply of Trump and Pence items, all have that sticker on each item.  All are for sale for $199.99 also.

Over the past month there have been 2 sellers and they have around 50 items each this is a small sampling for "THE HOBBY" to see.


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  • I would not buy any of these. The one dies have nice framing and presentation other than the fake signature.
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