The Certificate of Authenticity Reference Library is pleased to announce  the creation of the official logo for the Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction House (PADAH) group.

It is highly recommended that those dealers and auction houses whose names are included in the group listing post this logo on their web sites and catalogs.  

The names are updated and published monthly on this web site.

The names listed are considered by many to be the most ethical and professional in the world of international autographs.

Should a collector purchase a questionable autograph from a seller not on the list, the COA Reference  Library will be unable to assist you in settling a disagreement or obtaining a refund.

The individual professional autograph members of this group guarantee all items sold as genuine. However because of the thousands of documented mistakes, many sophomoric, made by the high profile companies who claim to authenticate autographs, members of "PADAH" are not bound to provide a refund based on the guesses of these companies. 

Should you be a professional autograph dealer or auction house whose name is not listed, please leave you name for possible consideration to this prestigious group.



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