Poor Zach Rullo

Poor Zach Rullo,  used to be senior authenticator with PSA/DNA now just an 'authenticator' same as newcomers Albersheim and Corcoran, who have been there for a cup of coffee. Rullo got his title demoted after 13 years faithful service to PSA/DNA., the last 10+ of those years as the "Senior Authenticator"

Now just one of the crowd. 

Once Grad was gone, his experience should have garnered him the 'Principal Authenticator' title vacated by Grad. Too bad undying loyalty to a company results in a backhanded sleight in all too many instances. Now PSA/DNA lists no one as principal or senior authenticator. Shoe fits.

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  • Anybody see pawn stars this week?  Some guy brought in a signed Zep album, and Grad valued it at 10 to 12 grand, and this guy flipped out, saying it was worth 20 grand plus and called grad a A-hole and said he didn't know what he was talking about, and that he was only a authenticator, and they were shouting at each other, talking over each other.  I couldn't stop laughing.  I can only wonder what he was like in that deposition!  HAHA!!!  This guy had him all red in 10 seconds... if you haven't seen it, watch it. 

    I think the album was signed by 3 members on the back of the album and Page signed the front, because he considered the album "his baby"

    It's worth keeping on the dvr just for it that segment!

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