Autograph collectors and dealers who may come across an inscribed and signed photograph using a Sharpie pen might find the following information quite handy. In some case the inscription may be blurred or you just might for whatever reason would like to have the inscritpion removed. 

A product recommended by PADAH (not necessarily individual members) is "Goof Off."  "Goof Off" is a marker and ink remover gel. This gel easily removes permanent markers and paint pen inks.  Follow the instructions and it will work very well.

This product was tested in our Certificate of Authentication Reference Library and found that you should practice on a inscribed photograph of little or no valus. This will get you use to wiping off the ink with out leaving traces.  In addition we found it did not work well on inscribed and signed books.

This product is now available in most "Dollar Tree Stores" in the section that sells tools and tape.





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