PADAH - Happy Birthday - January 2002


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PADAH is now one year old. It’s success has thus far been overwhelming  Not surprisingly, there has not been a single complaint from anyone in the International Autograph Community against any dealer in the PADAH family.

In addition, emails and phone calls come in on a regular basis regarding is it safe to purchase an autograph from a specific seller who is NOT on the membership list?   In all fairness to our professional members, even if there is a good feeling amongst a non member we cannot and have not recommended anyone who is not a member.  As far as PADAH is concerned, dealing with any non member leaves the collector on their own and PADAH cannot help them in any circumstances to retrieve a refund from buying a non genuine signature or for a dozen other reasons a buyer could be unhappy with a purchase or with another transaction.

These are just some of the parts of emails we have received:
Collectors are not to worry.  The UACC  (if still in operation) does not remove names from their membership list.  If a dealer’s name is listed on the PADAH membership list, you can be assured they are not members of the UACC.

Just this morning we found a note on the site of a seller of autographs:

A little bit about who you are buying from...

Every autograph we offer comes with a COA and provides you with a

Why you should buy from us? peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable ebay dealer (on ebay since 1998).  Our guarantee meets the   of UACC and other autograph dealer association requirements but we left the UACC due to their lack of customer support and many complaints concerning their operation.


                                             January 2002 * Proud Members of the PADAH Family


In the international world of collecting autographs, PADAH is unique.  Its goal is to ensure collectors of autographs and signed books have a place to go to acquire genuine autographs. The members of PADAH are the true professionals in the business. It would be a very rare experience that any  collector would have an unpleasant situation dealing with one of its members.  PADAH is free of corruption and politics!  There is no money involved in PADAH, no collection of membership dues and no hiding of yearly accounting reports. PADAH is operated by a handful of volunteers. Membership is FREE.

Should a collector have an unpleasant encounter with a seller outside of  the PADAH family, we cannot help you get a refund. However, we may be able to give you guidance through our COA Reference Library where records are maintained of those who sell forgeries on a regular basis and listings of the many sellers who have been removed from other autograph organizations.

Most importantly,  many collectors and most dealers are aware of the thousands of serious mistakes made by those companies who claim they can authenticate autographs.  Should any collector purchase an autographed item from a member of PADAH and is ignorant enough to waste money on having the item authenticated by the ABC type authenticating companies, PADAH professionals are NOT required to issue a refund.  A guess or an opinion from one of those companies is basically useless. In almost all cases the collector will not know who examined their autograph and will be unable to find out who did so when contacting the company. In most cases it really doesn’t matter.  The bill of sale from a PADAH member is a collectors only legal document!

When purchasing an autograph look at the updated monthly list of PADAH members or just look for the PADAH logo on their web site.


The following list, very carefully put together, is of those autograph dealers and auction houses that pass muster in the COA Reference Library.  The list consists of those who have clean records with regard to their associations in the industry, lack of ethics complaints, not associated with issuing “useless COA’s” and have had a sterling reputation over several years or more.  These are autograph professionals who research their items and will honor their guarantee of authenticity.


The following professional autograph dealers do their diligence authenticating the autographs they sell.  


 There are dealers who may have been inadvertently left off the list.  May we hear from you for possible submission?


Abraham Lincoln Bookshop – Dan Weinberg, Chicago, IL

Adam Andrusier - UK

Alexander Historical Auctions - MD

Andreas Wiemer Historical Autographs - Germany

Antiquar & Auktionator - Holland

Archives Historical Autographs – VA Germany, originally Space Flori

Bauman Rare Books - PA

Brian & Maria Green, NC

Bruce Gimelson, N.Y.

Burkhard Schubert – Germany

Charles “Chuck” Bird - CA

Cowan’s Auctions - OH

Custodians of History - MA

Deco Memorabilia - CA

Diana J. Rendell, Inc. - MA

Erasmushaus Ltd. – Switzerland

Gerard A.J. Stodolski, Inc. - NH

Greg Nazareth - FL

Greg Tucker Autographs - NV

Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. – IL

Historama – Jerusalem, Israel

Historic Autographs - FL

History Makers Autographs- Steve Nowlin, Nokomis, FL

Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles - CA

Jack Bacon & Co. - NV

J.A. Stargard - Germany

JG Autographs - MA

Jim Stinson Sports - UT

John K. King Books - MI

JR’s Autogramme - Germany

Julian Browning - UK

Kenneth W, Rendell, Inc. - MA

Kotte Autographs - Germany

LeLands Auctions - NY

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers - IL

Librairie Signatures - France

Lim Antigua – Italy

Markus Brandes Autographs - Switzerland

Neale Lanigan - AL

One of a Kind Auctions - FL

Pat Claren - CO

Profiles in History – CA

Renato Saggiori – Switzerland

Rick Badwey, Museum Framing, Alexandria, VA

R.J.M. Autographs & Antiques - MA

Rolf Ramseier Autographs - Switzerland

Ron Gordon - NM

Ron Keurajian – MI

Ron Meininger - Antebellum Covers, MD.

Schubertide Music & Arts - MA

Scripta Historica - Germany

Scripta Scientism - Germany

Schulson Autographs - NY

Seaport Autographs - CT

Second Story Books - DC

Seth Kaller, Inc. – NY

Skip Hensel - LA

Sophie Duprie Autographs - UK

Star Shots - FL

Stephen Koschal - CO

Tamino Autographs, N.Y.

The Raab Collection - PA

The Written Word - NH

Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books - CA

Todd Mueller Autograph Auctions – CO

Tom Lingenfelter - Heritage Collector’s Society, PA.

Treasures in Writing – FL

Vintagememorabilia - WA

Walls of Fame – FL


We are working on this list to add more information to each member.







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