News: it has now been confirmed over 100 drawings of Michael Jackson that are in the owners hands : Joe Brat have been confirmed as legit by PSA DNA , JSA , Roger Epperson among others . The top authenticators in their field . They have been valued in their millions . Those that doubted their legitimacy must now be kicking them selves . It goes to show what a rubbish site live autograph magazine is . As they put people off actually bidding in these when they appeared in 8 auctions.They will be up for sale on Joe Brats website very soon.

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  • David-

    You are correct.  I know nothing.  Just that these Michael Jackson sketches are garbage which is nothing also unless your a dumpster diver.

    I will never be able to stop the spread of forgeries that are authenticated by your people.  But I can spread the word.  The truth is very powerful.  Do these authenticators authenticating this garbage gurantee a refund when proven wrong?  If they don't the COA's are garbage as well.  You should know this since your spreading this nonsense.

  • The pieces from Brett from MJ are copies. Like the Wright brothers plane . This exact photo was copied from a book so you know nothing William.
  • There's been 20 plus buyers buying approx 3-4 of these each from auctions since 2014. So these drawings once sold will be going round and round forever being resold . All with top coas for Epperson etc. So it's not a 2014-2016 fad. The market is gonna be controlled and slowed down in order to pull in more money for each of these. As like with anything values have gone down. Bret will know this too as a lot of his pieces struggle at auction due to edition xxxx of the same piece being constantly listed at Art brookage. William Q seems to be very upset he isn't heard. Many things every day are sold which he probably isn't gonna like but these items like many others will forever remain on the market for resell. Joe Brats creating a museum in Florida where you can see them . Juliens have 3 more pieces in their May 2016 auctions 2 drawings and a pillow you can claim fake if you wish , however that will be sold. Salesroom sold some in Jan. It's so exciting. Is it Peter Pan or Liz Taylor this month that will pop up. Take a guess. Mickeys coming to Juliens though. And in his drawing he looks happy 'whistling along'
  • David-

    It's time to give up on this dead dream.  The provenance was fake, Michael's art teacher stated they were fake, Michael Jackson's estate calls them fake, the signatures are all the same from a forger and even much of the artwork was traced from Disney artwork.  We all want the forgeries in our collection to be real but when you have compelling evidence to the contrary it won't change the facts.  The three that authenticated them can trade them amongst themselves.  Nobody else wants them and if they do, chalk up another victim!

  • I'd love to see these statements from Brett too as I can't see them on his site. If they are there, they are well hidden.

    And no one is saying that Corey Feldman had all of these drawings. One seller claimed that who obtained some. The drawings out there don't come from Corey Feldman.

  • Just cause a friend of Michael Jackson says something, doesn't mean it's the truth, how many people do anything to get money. Yes MJ gave me this, look at Marilyn Monroe's owned items, or Elvis's owned items, many people have claimed that Marilyn or Elvis's gave them it.

  • So look at it this way, if Brett Livingstone Strong has appartantly MJ drawings and so do other people and they are all on the marker Brett Livingstone Strong's won't hold as much value.  Has anyone questioned that all of Brett's are genuine. Nothing was mentioned of the work MJ did with him apart from the book, until he died, and then like the rest of them, all go on chat shows to get as much money as they can from the cash cow. What we do know is PSA/DNA, JSA, and Epperson have certified many of the MJ drawings on the market recently. No one has certified Brett Livingstone Strong's work.

  • How many times do these get flogged. Numerous editions.

  • Brett Livingstone Strong

    "Tribute to Marilyn Monroe Cast Paper"

    Limited Edition Print Hand Made Cast Paper Print

    Size: 40 x 35 in  | 102 x 89 cm
    Edition: 51/175
    Framed: Framed without Glass
    Hand Signed: Lower right
    Price On Request OBO

    Brett Livingstone Strong

    "Tree of Life AP"

    Limited Edition Print Lithograph

    Size: 48 x 58 in  | 122 x 147 cm
    Edition: Artist Proof
    Framed: Framed with Plexiglass - Professionally Sealed
    Hand Signed
    Price On Request OBO

    Brett Livingstone Strong

    "Michael Jackson 1990"

    Limited Edition Print Serigraph

    Size: 40 x 30 in  | 102 x 76 cm
    Edition: 336/375
    Framed: Not Framed
  • Brett creates drawings of famous people too. Like Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon etc. So maybe Brett won't like that these MJ drawings which are obviously more valuable will devalue his alledged MJ drawings. He can always keep selling prints of his work like he does.

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