News: it has now been confirmed over 100 drawings of Michael Jackson that are in the owners hands : Joe Brat have been confirmed as legit by PSA DNA , JSA , Roger Epperson among others . The top authenticators in their field . They have been valued in their millions . Those that doubted their legitimacy must now be kicking them selves . It goes to show what a rubbish site live autograph magazine is . As they put people off actually bidding in these when they appeared in 8 auctions.They will be up for sale on Joe Brats website very soon.

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  • Permalink Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager on December 8, 2014 at 9:12am

    There is no such thing as 100% accurate authentication of items the authenticator didn't see signed. It's a judgment call. 


    Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager on December 4, 2014 at 4:25pm


    Don't harass, belittle or intimidate members for having a different opinion than yours, no matter how much you disagree with them. Wascher is entitled to her opinion, and she and other friends of hers have found many Michael Jackson forgeries before others have, because they're so focused on them.

    Max, I removed Wascher's name from your post and do not post it again please.

    And frankly, I think Washer is onto something.

  • Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager on December 4, 2015

    I'd have to go with Epperson on these drawings. The man is rarely wrong.

  • EPPERSON: when dozens of Bob Dylan handwritten lyrics had shown up as well as dozens of Jimi Hendrix handwritten lyrics and unknown drawings and paintings showed up no one seemed to make a stink about it and they didn't show up until 30 years after his death (Hendrix).  The truth of the matter is that when Jimi passed there wasn't a market for autographs and writings but when there was a value and market then these all came out.  With MJ there already was a market for this kind of material and it appeared much quicker. There is no doubt in my mind that the MJ drawings I did and will do more LOA's for are without question authentic.  That same person who sent these to me also has sent me some that I have said were not authentic and that was without me knowing the source and they told me they got them from another source.



    I have to disagree with you completely.  Van Gogh hated the way he looked and did MANY self portraits and the signatures on his and many other artists is not the same as the way they would sign a letter exactly.  These are all very similar because they were done by the same person and came from the same era drawings.  I'm not saying that I looked at all the ones that are on this site or at Gotta have it, but from the ones I looked at and the source they came from backing them up I feel you are all on a witch hunt.  You guys can't read MJ's mind and have no idea what kind of art classes he took.  I do.  This all is VERY common practice in art drawings and MJ was no ordinary person so his subject matter may be a little strange.  I wish all of this trashing of his drawings and sketches would stop.  Yes there are some that are not right and I learned that but I also learned what was right and most of the stuff you are trying to say is bad is not.

  • PSA DNA AND JSA AUTHENTICATED THEM IN OCTOBER AND DECEMBER 2015. So you are wrong. And Mike Frost was hated by Epperson and Cryken and now is their buddy, so Frost is basically a sheep and his opinion doesn't matter really. Chris Morales and Donald Frangipani hasn't seen these items in person. AND It doesn't really matter what these people think the top authenticators have deemed them real, and that's why none of these companies will say 100% they are real as they would be liable. It is in THEIR opinion. Maybe you should get a coa from one of these people one day and look at it. They are say 'In their opinion' William.

  • David-

    Take too long.  Start with Chris Morales, Mike Frost, Donald Frangipani.  If you find two dealers out of 100 that like them I'll eat my words.  I doubt even the three authenticators you have believe they are real anymore.  You should ask them again.

  • William Q: All the experts are saying they are legit. Name experts that say they are forgeries, and don't count forum members.

  • David-

    The case will be closed but don't jump to conclusions as the FBI may be present to indict and imprison those who distribute, sell, and authenticate these fake drawings.  Don't be surprised when this happens.  They are not authentic and experts have agreed.

  • But as we can also see in the news statement. They have been examined not once but twice. So if required 2 coa's can be provided. Some will carry Epperson's and JSA's coa's for example.

    So at the end of the day who is Chad B or anyone else for that matter. Basically no one. Who are PSA/DNA: The top authenticators in their field. Has Chad B, made an opinion looking at his screen yes. Have the experts seen them in person: Yes. 

    Case Closed.

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