of Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses



                                                                                                                                                                   October 2018


The following list, very carefully put together, is of those autograph dealers and auction houses that pass muster in the COA Reference Library.  The list consists of those who have clean records with regard to their associations in the industry, lack of ethics complaints, not associated with issuing “useless COA’s” and have had a sterling reputation over several years or more.  These are autograph professionals who research their items and will honor their guarantee of authenticity.

This month we have added two prestigious names to our list of Preferred Autograph Dealers.  Abraham Lincoln Bookshop in Chicago, IL. If you are ever in Chicago, don't leave without visiting this shop/gallery, bring your camera. The other is Tamino Autographs in New York.  Tamino Autographs purchased Lisa Cox Music, La Scala Autographs and Safka & Bareis.


There are dealers who may have been inadvertently left off the list. May we hear from you for possible submission?


Abraham Lincoln Bookshop - IL

Adam Andrusier - UK

Alexander Historical Auctions - MD

Andreas Wiemer Historical Autographs - Germany

Antiquar & Auktionator - Holland

Archives Historical Autographs - VA

Bauman Rare Books - PA

Brian & Maria Green, NC

Bruce Gimelson, N.Y.

Burkhard Schubert - Germany

Cowan’s Auctions - OH

Custodians of History - MA

Deco Memorabilia - CA

Diana J. Rendell, Inc. - MA

Erasmushaus Ltd. - Switzerland

Gerard A.J. Stodolski, Inc. - NH

Greg Nazareth - FL

Greg Tucker Autographs - NV

Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. - IL

Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles - CA

Jack Bacon & Co. - NV

J.A. Stargard - Germany

JG Autographs - MA

Jim Stinson Sports - UT

John K. King Books - MI

JR’s Autogramme - Germany

Julian Browning - UK

Kenneth W, Rendell, Inc. - MA

Kotte Autographs - Germany

LeLands Auctions - NY

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers - IL

Librairie Signatures - France

Lim Antigua - Italy

Neale Lanigan - AL

One of a Kind Auctions - FL

Pat Claren - CO

Profiles in History – CA

Renato Saggiori - Switzerland

Ron Gordon - NM

Ron Keurajian - MI

Schubertide Music & Arts - MA

Scripta Historica - Germany

Scripta Scientism - Germany

Schulson Autographs - NY

Seaport Autographs - CT

Second Story Books - DC

Seth Kaller, Inc. - NY

Sophie Duprie Autographs - UK

Space Flori - Germany

Star Shots - FL

Stephen Koschal - CO

Tamino Autographs, N.Y.

The Raab Collection - PA

The Written Word - NH

Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books - CA

Todd Mueller Autograph Auctions - CO

Treasures in Writing - FL

Walls of Fame – FL


Please take notice:  There are rumors that some undesirable sellers of autographs may try to reproduce this list and add their name to it. 


Should you desire to purchase an autograph from a seller of autographs that is not on this “List” the COA Library will not be able to assist you with regard to returning a questionable item and requesting a refund.


An “Official List of Preferred Autograph Dealers” will contain the official signature below. This signature may not be reproduced elsewhere unless authorized by the Certificate of Authenticity Reference Library.

                                                        Official Signature

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  • John, a few professional autograph dealers all with 20 years experience very carefully put this list together. Each has a excellent  reputation.  Good for you, it's always best to play safe.

    Also don't be fooled by someone's so-called credentials,  many are made up or they are in a position to have given it to themselves. The list is solid!


  • Stephen,


    Just thought i would ask as i buy from them quite a bit and wanted to make sure its on to buy from them,but will now have a look at the ones on the list.

  • John, as you can see they are not listed as a "Preferred Dealer."

  • just wondering if Autograph World are a reputable dealer

  • If the autograph dealer is on this list you should not have a problem. All are time tested. If you go outside the list you are basically on your own.  There may be a very few exceptions but the list is gold.

  • Stephen very useful, I have purchased from some of the listed Dealers, Thank you.

This reply was deleted.