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                                                                                                                by Stephen Koschal

Remember the scandal we exposed of all the hundreds of prints claimed to be hand signed by Salvador Dali that were being auctioned at sea on all the major cruise ships? The prints have now been pulled from the auctions.

It is highly recommended if anyone was the winner bidder on any print sold at the art auctions at sea which was claimed to be signed by Salvador Dali, that print/signature of Dali should be authenticated by an expert.

These same art auctions found on every sailing of the major cruise lines, world wide, are selling paintings said to be hand signed by Muhammad Ali.

Two different examples of what is claimed to be Muhammad Ali’s signature on paintings are illustrated below. These photo’s were taken on a recent cruise. Thus far, we have not been able to find an expert on autographs that is happy with these signatures.

Two examples of what are claimed to be signatures of Muhammad Ali

Even though this is an art auction, a public sale, the people running the auction were very displeased that photographs were being taken of the signatures on the paintings.

The manager of the art auction claimed the signatures have to be genuine as they were authenticated by a company “Online Authentics”. Online Authentics is based in Los Angeles, California.

On May 6, 2017, we sent an email to Online Authentics which reads as follows: “I am enquiring as to who the individual is at Online Authentics that has authenticated the signatures of Muhammad Ali on paintings that that is being offered at auctions by Park West Gallery? Your prompt response is appreciated. Stephen Koschal”.

A follow up request for a response was sent to Online Authentics on May 8, 2017.

As of today, Online Authentics has not responded to either email request.

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  • Not even sure if Online Authentics is still in business.  They post the name of 2 authenticators that work for them, these guys should be embarrassed or maybe their names are just being used.  No one at Online is taking responsibility for the Ali debacle. No one responds to requests.  Seems to be just another one of these companies added to a list who claim they can authenticate autographs until they are taken to the carpet.  At this point, not backing  their actions we have to assume somethings rotten with the so-called authentication of the Ali autographs.

  • Have you heard back from them yet? I noticed on the website they have they have a disclaimer of sorts, that they are experts based on what others have said about them. (where have we all heard that before) and they also state, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH...  That's some PR move don't you think?

    Online Authentics

    "We ask our users to never accept anyone's assertion of expertise without doing your own research. We urge our users to research our Review Staff and make your own assessment. The members of our Review Staff are as knowledgeable as can be found but it is the respect that they have earned from their customers as well as their peers that truly highlights their abilities."
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