Mike Frost of P.A.A.S.

Hides From Being Jewish 

His Long Love Affair with Adolf Hitler

the Nazi’s & evil Continues

I am not a fan of Steve Cyrkin, however I feel he got a raw deal from Mike Frost over one wrong word Cyrkin used in an email.  I’m sure Cyrkin would like to take that word back.  Trouble is that Steve Cyrkin never knew of Frost’s attraction to those associated with evil, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s.

Frost ran a one man show of John Wayne Gacy paintings at his store in Florida. During this weekly event he invited Hank Pritchard, Grand Wizard of the KKK.  Mr. Pritchard did appear and handed out KKK flyers in Frost’s store. Frost was thrilled that he could get the top guy in the KKK come to his event.   Also attending the event was Marilyn Manson and his band.  I was also asked to attend and did so to support Mike’s new venture.  He told me he contacted all the news media and they would also be attending.

Mike Frost asked me if I had anything in my inventory signed by his idol Adolf Hitler. He wanted something signed by Hitler he could display in his store while his John Wayne Gacy event was underway.  I had nothing in inventory.  Later, on several occasions Frost asked me if I ever saw something signed by Hitler that was inexpensive I should let him know. I did so on several occasions when I saw things in auctions but according to Mike, they were never affordable. 

When no one was around to see, Mike Frost would often click his heals and give the Nazi salute.  Then he would come up with his familiar childish giggle.   This was during the time he was trashing Steve Cyrkin as an anti-Semite all over the Internet.

I would like to see Mike Frost deny his affection for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s.  He has had more than one chance to do this and he has refused. 

Frost won’t deny this because that would betray his affection for Hitler and the Nazi’s. Even in his little mind he knows how often did these horrific things. Knowing Frost as a liar, he may come up  he was only joking or fooling around pretending to be Steve Crkin.

Why does Frost seem to hate the Jewish people?  Why he won’t admit to most everyone that he is Jewish. It’s been proven he even hides from his real name Michael Feigenbaum.

Frost once briefly explained the reason to me. Mike Frost will tell people he was brought up in an Italian neighborhood, leaving you to believe he is Italian. That is believable, Frost is a tiny fat man and does love his pasta.  Years ago, Frost admitted that he believed that being Jewish in a collectibles business is not good for business.  He believed people do not trust Jews and by being Italian it would be more of a benefit for him selling baseball cards. 

Does Frost hate all religions?  It certainly appears so. When one of the well known autograph dealers in the United States also became a Preacher, Frost sent him an email relating to the Church of Satan. This happened only a year ago. 

In the meantime, I am still waiting for all my unsold items that I consigned to Frost’s store to be returned.  You can bet he’ll never return all the limited edition cards containing four relics associated with Adolf Hitler. Where ever he has them, I can close my eyes and see him drooling over them and clicking his heals.



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  • Grant-  I agree 100% in everything you stated!

    But until then the lawsuits will continue and multiply.  I can reach out my hand but when emails and phone calls are not returned it results in the necessary, the unfortunate and reality we live in within the autograph industry.  Everyone is an expert and everyone is wrong.  The forger's thrive while one over there is still unsure who they are.  His plans to clean up the hobby have resulted in complete and total failure because instead he has divided it, completely!

  • I've always been a man of 2nd, 3rd, hell even 4th chances! Who am I to judge? What all of this crap amounts to is a case of mutually assured destruction.

    No one wins...

    I had no less than 6 members of that other site tell me privately how crappy my blues playing and singing was yesterday,

    Boo hoo... I made it better:


    As far as religious superiority,

    Christ works for me, I see his face on my side of the mountain, you see whatever you see, I'm cool with that! Ain't gonna cut no heads off over it. Damn sure ain't gonna cut no heads off over a Led Zeppelin album...,

    If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.

    Mountains crumble to the sea.., there would still be you and me!
  • It is a swell name Feigenbaum.  Mighty proud to carry it around.  After seeing this come up under another name it is rather confusing

    "Alex Frost"4 Weeks Ago
    I was born Alex Frost by a woman who murdered her parents and was in a mental institution in San Bernardino, CA when I was conceived. I was renamed Rick Davalos at 8 months old and I live in Utah. If anyone knows anything about that Frost family please find me on Facebook. I don't even know my parents names... :/

  • Feigenbaum, being the incredibly honorable, masculine name that it is..., why would one wish to disassociate from it?

    For the life of me I can not understand?

    Stand tall!

    Be proud of one's heritage!!!

    God has created us all for purpose, with design and meaning! There are great and tremendous things to be accomplished!
  • Mike says the iada is an award winning site.  What award did it ever win??  The Fickel finger of fate?


  • Did you ever see or hear Mike Frost deny his affection for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's?  Take a moment and once again read the above article. There are quite a few specifics above. His one man show of John Wayne Gacy, his capability of inviting the KKK.....the evil he is capable of for example calling for Steve Cyrkin's death "in writing", etc.  Wouldn't you think clicking his heals and giving the Nazi salute fits his ugly profile?

  • Steve

    I have watched and read everything you have said and you typically back it up with proof.  But this one is a little hard to believe.

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