It is true that a major seller of autographs in South Florida has Mickey Mantle on tape clearly stating that Mike Frost forges his autograph.  The seller of autographs recently said that he will go public with th tape.  After Mantle's passing Mike Frost had a cabinet full of baseballs with foul statements saying Joe DiMaggio Sucks, Willie Mays Sucks and so forth all appearing to be written and signed by Mickey Mantle.

Mike Frost of the failed autograph autnethication service, P.A.A.S. was asked where he got them all. His only response was that he would sell all these balls after Mantle died.  One must assume that Mantle would have sued Frost for offering just one of these balls not to mention dozens.

The seller who owns this tape of Mantle has repeated his willing to share this information about Frost forging Mantle's items to a few persons in this hobby.

Mike Frost who is a known fabricator of stories has said to this writer that he takes credit for turning the F.B.I. on the same South Florida seller of autographs. 



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