The name he prefers to go by is Mike Frost. However he has produced business cards going under the fraudulent name of Dr. Frost.  For a time he was impersonating being a doctor.  Just a few seconds of conversation with Frost and you will question whether he graduated 8th grade not to mention medical school.

Frost can be found using different addresses for his so-called autograph authenticating service called P.A.A.S.  P.A.A.S went defunct for several good reasons and Frost dug it out of it's grave.  Not much changed. There are multiple complaints from collectors who have shipped items to Frost at a P.A.S.S. address and have learned that according to Frost, the package never arrived.  However we do have proof of Frost selling this stolen material on eBay and other sources.  Most recently  a collector in Ohio met Frost at a baseball shop in Ohio. Frost talked the collector to ship him $5,000 worth of autographs. Again, Frost claims he never received the package.

Why does the fellow using the name of Mike Frost hide from using his real name Michael Feigenbaum?  How common is the Feigenbaum name?  Do you know anyone that has that last name?  His phone company in Florida had to sue him under his real name Michael Feignebaum!

Do you understand the meaning of the word "genetics."  It is the study of genes and heredity.  Meaning if your mom or pop had diabetes, you will probably have it to.

There was a Feigenbaum who  spent time in New York City.  Frost/Feigenbaum is from New York.

The Feignebaum was a merchant seaman.  Frost/Feigenbaum loves to be on the ocean and takes cruises.

The Feigenbaum had a hatred of women.  Frost/Feigenbaum went after a female autograph dealer saying very unkind things he simple mad up.

Carl Feigenbaum was a merchant seaman who was arrested in 1894 in New York City for cutting the throat of Mrs. Juliana Hoffman. Later, Feigenbaum's lawyer, William Sanford Lawton claimed that Feigenbaum had admitted to having a hatred of women and a desire to kill and mutilate them.  Lawton further stated that he believed Feigenbaum was Jack the Ripper.  Though covered by the press at the time, this idea was not pursued for more than a century.  Using Lawton's accusation as a base, author Trevor Marriot, a former British murder squad detective, argued that Feigenbaum was responsible for the Ripper murders as well as other murders in the United States and Germany between 1891 and 1894.

Carl Feigenbaum was executed on April 27, 1896.   Interesting that Ripper killed the women in the Whitechapel district of London.  Frost was sued by Chapel Trail Associates.   

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  • He is a bum, and with all the crap he has done and the people that he has burned, can't you see why he has a few fake names?

    I bet he has another one or two in the hopper as we speak.

  • January 3, 5:46 PM Mike Frost just called me on the phone several minutes ago and threatened me. He mumbled something to the effect that if I ever came to Florida and he finds out, I won't be leaving Florida.  I don't know what phone he used as his number reads as "withheld."  This coward still hides behind making threatening calls.

  • I saw Mike at the national waddling around with his female scuttle.  He was carrying a black purse.  I thought about using his service but then I googled his name and that was enough to realize he is someone to avoid.  I'm shocked his theft of submissions hasn't been more exposed!

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