Mike Frost has been called a liar by many in this hobby.  When caught having made mistakes in authentication (which is very common) he'll tell you someone else has created false Certificates. When he's told he sold a very expensive autograph that also came with his COA, his response is he never sold it. The customer had to come up with a photograph of the item hanging in his shop.

There's no doubt the only thing professional about Mike Frost whose real name is Mike Feigenbaum and uses an alias Dr. Michael Frost (according to his own business cards) is that he is a professional liar. 

Frost is now responding to people who have submitted items for authentication that he promises he will return their original items.

Frost is presently being sued for keeping items that were submitted.

There are liars and there are some that are worst than liars.  I liar will simply not tell the truth about something that exists. He'll change the actual facts and tell lies to suit his own purposes. Frost is different.  Frost is the creator of a lie and then spreads his venom.

Perfect example follows. Frost/Feigenbaum/Dr. Frost posted a story about me that he totally made up.  "Koschal was thrown out of P.A.A.S."   Anyone with a brain should be able to see tht this was not true.  I was a co-founder of P.A.A.S. with one-third partnership.  Frost could throw no one out, and no one could throw Frost out. Whta happened is the two partners resigned not being able to put up with Frost's unprofessional way of doing business.  All items for submission were sent to Frost's home. That created numerous problems that affected the two of the partner's reputations.

Thanks to a Frank Simmon's on this site that reproduced my email to Mike Frost back in August 2006. There were many emails to Frost from me about the failures of how Frost was handling P.A.A.S.  Authenticating problems, money problems and more. Frost was letting things pile up sometimes for over a month, customers were requesting that their items just be returned.

The evil Frost posts a story on another site that Steve Koschal was fired from P.A.A.S.  This is worse than a lie. It is a false story created in Frost's little mind and then the story is told and published as a lie.

The following is the actual email from me to Frost (Whoodee711) is just another email he goes by and still does to this day. I'm telling him the authenticatiion business in general is a scam and PAAS should take the lead and close its doors. "Therefore, I resign any interests in PAAS..."

This is just one more example (proof) of how Frost makes things up and then tells them as lies. Good Luck dealing with him!


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  • Speaking of the Liar that is Michael Frost, AKA Michael Feigenbaum what can be made of this recent post?

    More lies, as I know what my IP says, and it's not in Colorado... This guy just makes stuff up as he goes along it would appear..

    Ken Booth, Tomas Tren, Brokenzipper, Daniel , The Truth, are all in Colorado
    Date: 2015-03-18 05:01:04
     The eyes, ears and voice of the autograph hobby has just received important information on key libel suspects ; Ken Booth,  Tomas Tren,  Brokenzipper, Daniel ,&  The Truth...(something I very rarely tell, "THE TRUTH" as I like to lie, I lie so much, I even believe my own lies)

    Thanks to an ongoing debate with DB last week, our detectives(IE: My dog and hamster) were able to return important information on autograph planet's website and bloggers . (and others, as i'm a stalker, and I am obsessed with anybody that talks about me)
    Much more to come when  DR.Michael Frost AKA The LIAR, AKA, The RAT, AKA, Michael Feigenbaumm AKA DR. Michael "Pretend and i'm under investigation by various law groups myself but lets make stuff up about others"Frost returns next week from handling a death in his family.
    Our condolences to The Frost family.  The Feigenbaum family and any other names that you all are currently using and going by.  Liar's lie, and Frost is nothing short of master of one...
    May God be with you.

  • On a side note, what do you expect the Jethro of the autograph community to do?  He's just not that bright!  Look at all the lies and bs he's been caught in JUST THIS WEEK, by his own forum members.

    Can you imagine what a court of law is going to do to this guy???!!!  He talks like he has lawyer's working for him, yet if he did the first thing they would say is to shut up, don't talk or type, as all it's going to do is get you into MORE TROUBLE.

    What does he do?  In true Jethro fashion... he's typing away like the village idiot that he is.

  • Interesting what is going on right now, and this is by people he calls "FRIENDS"

    Reply by Sam Iam 29 minutes ago Prashant Quick question and don't take this the wrong way, but I've never heard of anyone with a knowledge of TPAs want to send their items to PAAS but you did. Did you do it because you thought you could get questionable MJ autos passed by PAAS? Otherwise why did you send them to PAAS?

    Reply by Rick Meyer 2 hours ago Probably somewhere between when you authenticated a signature for him and then posted the same photo here claiming it was a forgery. Pretty bold calling someone out when you look awful silly in this thread to Mike. My two cents.

    Reply by Sam Iam 31 minutes ago Great work wascher, although I don't think you can call Epperson a victim since his job was to authenticate the autographs and drawings and he failed. He was obviously swayed by the claims of provenance and he shouldn't have been. Hopefully he can explain his side Mike the sad thing about the emails posted is that those people felt they could speak and conspire and tell you all about it. That's why I don't trust you. That and the stuff I've read on here about PAAS etc.

    Reply by Sam Iam 35 minutes ago +1000 Can't believe mike even comments anymore he looks so bad

    Everybody is seeing what Michael Frost really is. A low life, loser, liar and fraud artist. A real ignoramus.

    For Mike, who can't figure out what that word is, here are others that describe you: airhead, birdbrain, blockhead, bonehead, bubblehead, chowderhead, chucklehead, clodpoll (or clodpole), clot [British], cluck, clunk, cretin, cuddy (or cuddie) [British dialect], deadhead, dim bulb [slang], dimwit, dip, dodo, dolt, donkey, doofus [slang], dope, dork [slang], dullard, dumbbell, dumbhead, dum-dum, dummkopf, dummy, dunce, dunderhead, fathead, gander, golem, goof, goon, half-wit, hammerhead, hardhead, idiot, imbecile, jackass, know-nothing, knucklehead, lamebrain, loggerhead [chiefly dialect], loon, lump, lunkhead, meathead, mome [archaic], moron, mug [chiefly British], mutt, natural, nimrod [slang], nincompoop, ninny, ninnyhammer, nit [chiefly British], nitwit, noddy, noodle, numskull (or numbskull), oaf, pinhead, prat [British], ratbag [chiefly Australian], saphead, schlub (also shlub) [slang], schnook [slang], simpleton, stock, stupe, stupid, thickhead, turkey, woodenhead, yahoo, yo-yo

  • Everyone keeps emails.  Mike Frost & Steve Cyrkin just don't put them in context.  I have hundreds I could share but haven't due to new litigation I am pursuing against these folks.  I could share plenty more that don't look good at all for them.  In fact, the one Cyrkin posted about the Heart Charger was my email to Mike trying to calm him down.  At the time Mike was wanting to call for Cyrkin's death.  I diffused this, for awhile anyway, but Mike posted in anyway.  I asked the moderator or owner of ANL at the time to remove it in poor taste through the system.  It was put up again by Mike.  Taken down again by the moderator or owner of ANL.  I think this should wait for court where both sides get to present their sides instead of on a blog where everyone hears only one side, taken out of context.  I am excited about what will transpire in 2015 and that vindication is in the near future.  I have never ever been part of any forgery industry or nonsense nor never will.  I was also never attacked until I refused to join the major Third Party Authentication companies as an expert.


    to me
    I am promising you , he is going to loss some of his key allies..
    See how fast he changed the blog on the IADA-CC.
    See how he removed the negative blogs about you from last week.
    He is being confronted and attacked by his so called friends. They all know he is nuts.. We have to get rid of him. I always said he was the biggest problem. He was the one who stated the problems between Roger and I and I promise you he is adding gas to the fire with Rez and you.
    He is a trouble maker.
    He is nothing but a joke and a lost sole. I am going to write a story asking that the autograph community prays for healing of this sick man.


    to me
    I am with you guys 100%.. Koschal as I would say right in front of his is one of my only trusted friends. I know him for over 20 years . I would trust in with my life. He also the MOST Knowledgeable men alive when it comes to autographs.
    He is a big pain in the ass and very vicious but he is not a crook, thief, forger, or bad father.
    He is a Friend.. Todd over the past couple of years have found you to be a man of honor and integrate.
    You do not find this in the world anymore. I am proud to call you a friend.
    March on , it will be over soon. Cyrkin reserved what he disserves.
    Mike Frost
    Psalm 23
  • Watching Mike Frost authenticate autographs is a pretty hilarious experience.  Watching him then delete them from his database just confirms his fraudulent lifestyle.  Watching him not return consignments is classic Frost.  Watching his puppet shows is pretty pathetic and Daniel praising Mike and Mike taking the praise while both mis-spell the same exact words is embarassing.  But the greatest part of watching a dunce like Mike Frost is watching the drunk Steve Cyrkin support him.  Fraud supporting Fraud.  What a corrupt industry!

  • Hoven, once again your idiocy shines threw! My authenticor friends did hit the cieling, in fact they hit it long ago when they were proving the Jerry Lee Lewis secretarials. They always hit the cieling, they always will!! Once again, you are wrong!
  • Trust me Miles,

    You could invite both of your authenticating buddies into your Mothers basement, and even if they jump up and down, all day long, 5'-5" will provide adequate headroom clearance : )
  • Damn it! With all of this excitement and controversy happening I heard my mom yell for me and I stood up too fast. Frikkin hurts like heck!!!
  • Is this all because Mike Frost couldn't find that cert number in his data base? If Steve can look beyond that? Why can't you guys? If Steve can look beyond the current memerabilia vault items for sale why can't you? I don't work much but when I do it's for a good woman, my mother, and shee pays me by letting me stay free in her basement. Their is a lot of square footage for my autograph research papers I have many file cabinets full. I am very aware of what goes on! I have a unique perspective which comes partly from the ceiling in this basement only being 5 1/2 feet high were as I'm 6 foot tall, but that aside, I keep all of my autographs in binders and I keep them in the same sleeves, hidden behind the 3rd party certs! I rarely ever look at the graphs themselves because I know that is how uncertainty and Confucian begins!
    Steve is right, just keep faith and we will all live in a wonderful world were 3rd party's have controll unless there wrong in which case it is probably your fault because you studied the autograph instead of the cert.
  • How has Mike Frost helped the hobby with these Michael Jackson drawings and signatures?

    They are still for sale, with Roger's cert and LOA/COA on all of them.  3 are on ebay right now for just under 100K (asking price)

    This is a full time job and yes I stay on top of new technology, that is how WE were able to stop this dead in its tracks along with over 6 auctions in the past year.

    Is he HIGH?

    Where has he helped or stopped anything?  RR Auctions sold numerous ones!  Memorabilia Vault has been selling them left and right for 6 months or longer, with 85 items for sale right now.  Of those items 90% come with a COA from Roger Epperson.


    Then he goes on and on about how great Roger is and how there should be a shrine made in his honor.  FOR WHAT?  Once again, anything that happens to Roger he has brought on himself!

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