How many remember Mike Frost saying to a jewish person in this hobby "we jews got to stick together?"  His words not mine.  These two useless airbags have joined forces and have been called by some a "Crime in Progress!"

Both are well documented theives.

Frost for stealing items consigned to him for his shop which in two years he has not returned, not to mention $50,000 from the IACC/DA which he avoids stepping up to the plate and just admitting it.

Darvick owed me $200,00 for years and would not pay. Not return phone calls or respond to emails. I had to drive to Brooklyn and pull this yoyo out of his class room in the school where he worked.  In the hallway,  his eyes teared in front on me as he told me his sad story. He began to out right cry. Darvick told me in so many words: "I am married to a Jewish Princess and she has me putting an addition to our house." He continued: "I can't pay you now".

Wasn't that pathetic sob story enough for the average person to whack him in the jaw? How could one smack a crying, whimping little man?

Still, Darvick has three carton's of signed books which belong to me that he has not returned. They were never put in his auction.  He refused to this day to return them and I found out he has been selling them and of course keeping the money.

Now Mutt & Jeff join forces and their latest diatribe is that: "Steve Koschal's relic cards in many cases are not authentic!"

What has been done, is they made up two large plastic bags, filled them with dirt and added some plastic spoons.  I have not personally seen these bags except for what they posted on the Internet.

What I can say is that my office is open to the public. Part of my office contains a section for my limited edition relic cards. So far 53 different relic cards have been produced in an edition of 100 copies of each. Each card is hand numbered and signed by me attesting the relic affixed to each card was obtained by me.  Each card is listed on my web site

Also in my office whic can be viewed are 53 plastic bins, each numbered and identified as to the relic it holds.  In addition for anyone to see, is a photograph of me at every one of the historical sites where the relics were obtained.  Everyone is invited to see for themselves.

The bags of dirt illustrated by Frost is something he created to cause harm. I'm positive the dirt in both bags are the same. Possibly dirt removed from inside of his bedroom.   It is yet another story fabricated by these two goons  and is a clear indication of the corruption in this hobby.

Herman Darvick has a checkered past being expelled for over 20 years while President of the UACC. He maybe best known for selling the first forged signature of Shoeless Joe Jackson (story can be found on and he has admitted in writing forging many signatures of the Presidents of the United States.

Mike Frost was the driving force for the original IACC/DA to fold. He was the club Treasurer, need I say more?  He was the main reason for the original P.A.A.S. to fold. He was the treasurer, need I say more?  He is the reason his two stores "Collectibles of the Stars" and later "The Show Emporium" to close. Most embarrasing is even his little hot dog wagon and umbrella was not a success and had to be sold.  More stories about Frost being a liar, thief and fraudster can be found by surfing the Internet.

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  • This is in response to Richard's question directed to me.

    There is no question that Mike Frost and his P.A.A.S. Certificates was removed from eBay. Frost through a few who had an inside contact with eBay got friendly with John Gonzalez who was the Fraud Agent for Sports & Entertainment Memorabilia, Counterfeit Investigations.  It appeared for quite some time Gonzales would cover Frost's mistakes on ebya but it got so out of hand with the volume of Frost's mis-authentications, Frost and anything thta had a P.A.A.S. certificate had to be removed.  Gonzales sent and email to Frost headed "Re; Michael Frost P.A.A.S. Report". Gonzales stated the email saying :"I guess I knew this part would come eventually". Gonzales continues: "Now, somehow, you have gathered an exemplar base in a scant few years.....Hell, a couple of your Taylor Swift's were removed at her request!"  Gonzales continues: "it was one of the toughest that I ever had to make but I made it because it is my job to protect the eBay community."  Gonzales continues: "if this decisicon was made under their influence (ebay management) you would have been gone a long time ago."  Gonzales finishes by saying: "we have an astonishing amout of evidence that would back that decision."  Shortly after this is when Frost committed sin #1.-he became a rat!

  • Michael Frost is obsessed with this site!!! OBSESSED!!! He is so worried about who each person is, and if he's not seen or heard of a person, he thinks that that person does not exist. Come on over, i'd love to meet you here in France. 

    Why is he so obsessed with what Todd Mueller is doing?  If he's a true authenticator, then he should try to work on that.  He's authenticating the dealer and not the material and that's going to get him in trouble, just like it did everybody else.

  • My question to Mr. Koschal

    I've read your stories for several years and each is always backed with documentation.  I believe if you say something it's a fact.  I believe many have seen right through Mike Frost.  He comes back after each posting and say's the same things with no facts.  He say's he's going to expose fraud but never does.  He say's one liners and the hobby see's he's lying every time.  One day I'll get into specifics about this guy who writes under different names.  I believe I read somewhere that ebay got wise to Frost and his PAAS certs.  Do you know if he was really actually removed from eBay?  I would appreciate a response.

  • My question to Mike would be;

    If someone really submitted those autographs to you, then why are they on ebay right now?

  • I received two phone calls just this morning and both were basically the same:

    "What's wrong with this guy Mike Frost"

    "Mike Frost is one sick dude and is the key to wripping apart this hobby, he is a one little boy wrecking crew, what a piece of sh.."




  • Frost?  Just continues with the nonsense

    Reply by Michael Frost 36 minutes ago

     That is correct Chad.  now both Stephen Koschal and Mueller have joined in with there list of aliases on the planet fraud site. The only way this is all going to come to a head and be complete is in the Court of Law.

    During Discovery we will get the answers to many of the questions needed including where these autographs are purchased from, in what quantities are they purchased,for what price  and how they are authenticated for sale to the public.

    We will also get a complete list of who's who on the planet.

    1)  Aliases?  I have one name and it's todd mueller.  Mike has many including Chrissy, Thomas Everett etc, not to mention the ones Cyrkin deleted when he was calling for his death.

    2) Autograph Planet fraud?  Mike is the fraud.  Case in point;

        -Does signing with wrong monkey and keeps selling them

        -Cashes $50k check and keeps the money supposedly

        - Lies about me, Koschal, Cyrkin, Roger, Bob Jones, and many, many others

        - Cancel's COA's he issued to hide what he passed

        - Can't authenticate legit material- Dalai Lama, Breaking Bad etc, etc, etc

        - Won't explain his past

        - I could go on for pages but that will wait for court.  If anyone ever deserved to be sued it's Frost.  He is guilty of so many things it's incredible.  It's going to cost me $10k just to get my attorney's to read all the charges.  What a joke.  See you in court Mike.  No more blogging about you, it's a waste of time.

  • Jeffects-

    My problem with Mike, which I typically ignore is he just cannot tell the truth about anything. It's insane. I wish he would just go away but I am definitely going to have to sue him again for business interference etc and just his crazy lies. I see he posted this. Mike doesn't respond to his claims or answer his past. But he just posted this

    Reply by Michael Frost 4 hours ago

    No, I have not said anything about Todd Mueller.. I have said that the autographs submitted to P.A.A.S. Autograph Authentication Services, do not match any known exemplars in our extensive in-person autograph library.
    We have answered with the opinion that the signatures are not likely authentic.
    After that we have received threats and then copies of these C.O.A.'s which seem to match the signatures in question.
    We have also heard from Stephen Koschal, who has stated that the photographs are the same but the signatures on the certificated do not match the photos.

    This whole mess is just a gigantic lie created by Mike.
    1) Mike hasn’t said anything about me? My attorney’s call it a classic example of defamation and business interference! Is he this dumb?
    2) Nobody would submit anything I sold to Mike. This is a lie. I'd like him to prove this
    3) If for some freak reason somebody accidently asked Mike for his opinion and it was free why wouldn't they match known exemplars? Perhaps because he has none? Or is he comparing them to forgeries as Mike wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway! 
    4) Mike lies about his library. The largest exemplar library is in my garage. Mike doesn't have access to it. He couldn't be referring to another library as I don't think Mike has learned to read yet.
    5) Mike talks about his opinion. HA HA So at least he throws some humor in here.
    6) Then Mike continues to lie about receiving threats. Who threatened him? He has emailed me twice and I ignored each email because just responding to Mike allows him to white out your response, keep the date and fill in the blank page with whatever nonsense he wants to create. When you post his emails he claims he never wrote them.
    7) Now Mike says he heard from Steve Koschal. Another lie. Koschal hates fraud, therefore he dislikes Mike Frost more than anyone I know.

    I am only going to respond to Mike one more time and it will be serving him again. Last time the process server said he saw Mike running across his yard, tripping and falling over a tricycle and barely getting into his door. The process server stated it sounded like Mike was hiding under a table inside and he wouldn't open it. I had to sue him at the National. I hope he makes it easier this time and doesn't run and hide like a coward. He hide 13 times last time. Mike Frost has never been my friend. Friends don’t act like this.  This fella is just infatuated with me.  He cannot stop talking about me.  It's getting creepy!

  • For Daniel & Jeffects, not everybody in this hobby is as smart as you both think you are!

  • This site is starting to sound like Autograph Magazine live.  Agree, we need to discuss autographs and interesting commentary.  This news is old.

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