Since Mike Frost was exposed for stealing $50,000 and more from the autograph industry which forced the industry’s largest club to fold, Frost has gone ballistic creating false stories on the Internet. Not only was $50,000 stolen/unaccounted for, Frost has also stolen consignments from his shop and stolen autographs that have been shipped to him for authentication. Steve Koschal was the first to expose the thefts.

Interestingly it was Stephen Koschal who discovered Frost was using a created name. After some investigation it was found that Frost had been sued by his phone company for non payment. He was also sued by two different land lords. One sued him for “Distress for rent” and another land lord sued him for “Removal of Tenant.” It was because of these law suites that we discovered everyone sued Frost under his real name Michael Feigenbaum.

Since this exposure, Frost/Feigenbaum has published some very sick messages on the Internet. All tell a bit of how the mind of Frost/Feigenbaum works. Most of the messages refer to sex. Frost/Feigenbaum is obviously obsessed with sex and young boys. He has created messages referring to molesting under aged boys. Other stories are about child abuse, sexually misconduct, gays and serial killers.

In fact, these creations from the sick mind of Frost/Feigenbaum are only since Stephen Koschal exposed the Frost thefts and his real name.

In reality, Frost on 2011 wrote a truthful testimonial about Stephen Koschal which is illustrated below. The facts speak for themselves.

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  • Mike will say that the above letter is not real, and not his stamp nor his signature.  The phone and email are correct but everything else is suspect and he has not a clue as to how it happened.

    Mike Frost "HERO OF THE STUPID"

  • Mr. Koschal.  That was only a little over 4 years ago and I believe he would still think the same thing if it wasn't for that appearance at All Star Sports.  That's about the time when Mike ran into Jerry Maren, the lollipop kid from the Wizard of Oz who took Mike down to the ground causing head trauma.  Since then Mike has never been the same.

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