The person using the name of Mike Frost is at it again using a new false name. Posting messages under the name of "J.J. Ryan" Frost continues his fabrication of lies turning them in for stories for the few who are simple enough to read them. 

This little coward who hides his Jewish heritage and tells everyone is was raised as an Italian only proves that this miserable little man couldn't tell the truth from the beginning. His is a serial liar.

His latest creation is that "Stephen Koschal has even sold 3-4 typewriters that he purchased at various flea markets that he sets up at and then sold them claiming that they belonged to John Wayne gacy in prison and he was his agent...."

This cowardly little person has lost his mind.  Only a very sick mind comes up with these fabrications!  Frost can be asked to prove that Koschal purchased typewriters at flea markets.  He can't, impossible, that never happened.

Truth is Koschal did however purchase a John Wayne gacy typewriter and that fact obvioulsy must kill Mike Frost.  The typewriter came with a letter from gacy listing the make/model number and that he used this typewriter to write his book and answer fan mail (some from Frost).

This typewriter was sold to and is on display along with Gacy's letter at the Crime & Punishment Museum, 575 7th Street. N.W., Washington, D.C. just a few blocks from The White House. 

Matter of fact opening night of the museum I walked the red carpet with John Walsh and we spent the night at a party on the roof top above the museum.

The sick little Mike Frost continues with his bad dreams: "I have had the privilege to hear an actual tape of John Wayne acy in prison stating that Stephen Koschal is a fraud..."  I can assure you Mike Frost has never heard a tape from Gacy saying anything.  Of course he'll never back uop his fabrications as he can't.

What Frost needs to do is  walk away from the autograph hobby, find some way of providing for his family which will help stop his wife from borrowing money (she is unable to pay back) behind his back. It's an embarrasment to his family. 



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