Mike Frost - “Beware of P.A.A.S.”

Rips Off Autograph Industry Again!

Frost admits to knowingly doing a signing with the

wrong monkey and sells the fakes


Steve Cyrkin of the failed Autograph Collector Magazine writes and we quote in full:

Cyrkin 1 day ago Beverly Hills, California

Mike Frost is a fraud and a liar. He is behind the private signing with a monkey he claimed was from Tarzan. But the monkey wasn't even born until 20 years after Tarzan was created. He knew this but continued to sell these fakes for years laughing all the way to the bank. He is a complete and total FRAUD! Beware of Mike Frost/PAAS. His COA's were kicked off ebay. You'd be better off using Morales or Frangipani then Mike Frost/PAAS.”

This shocking information is in regard to where Mike Frost and his partner Michael Wehrmann claimed that they would do a private signing with the ape Cheetah from the old Tarzan films. They contacted an ape’s trainer in California and arranged to have the ape sign two hundred 8”x10” B&W photographs.  Each 8”X10” B&W photo that was hand signed by the ape came with another photo of the ape signing that specific photograph.  Believable?

To enhance the items, on Mike Frost letterhead of now defunct company Collectibles Of The Stars, every purchaser received a COA stating: “This is to confirm that Jiggs the Chimp A/K/A Cheetah did hand sign 200 photographs for Michael Wehrmann of Collectibles of the Stars on March 30, 1997.  Cheetah appeared in many of the original Tarzan films opposite Johnny Weissmuller.”

However, serial scammer Mike Frost knew if the truth about this scam  would eventually come out,  he had to cover himself.  Mike Frost would not sign his own certificates of authenticity on his own company‘s Florida letterhead. He dumped that part of the scam on his partner and also the owner of the ape. That’s what Mike Frost does to associates!

Mike Frost’s latest scam did fool almost 200 who purchased these photographs even up to a few months ago.  He stooped so low as to give these fraudulent autographs out as gifts to unsuspecting victims.

It was Mike Frost of  the old and defunct P.A.A.S. who slipped up and eventually stated that they knew this wasn’t the ape in the Tarzan films.  According to Frost he said they had too much money invested in the project by paying the owner of the ape, producing the 200 photos and a flight to California with expenses for hotels and food to stop the project.  It was Mike Frost who decided to go ahead with scamming the autograph community and go ahead with the signing.

Thereafter Mike Frost sold almost 200 signed photographs to friends, collectors and dealers knowing they were bogus.  This revealing information perfectly describes Mike Frost’s continued disgusting crusade promoting greed and corruption.  Mike Frost is being called by many immoral, unprincipled, dishonest and unethical and that’s just for starters.

A major story was written exposing this specific subject including one of the high profile authenticating companies authenticating these bogus photographs. See www.haulsofshame.com and other internet sites warning you to avoid the person who uses the name of Mike Frost or Michael Feigenbaum or Dr. Frost.

Mike Frost aka Michael Feigenbaum (his real name) and an alias Dr. Michael Frost is one person many say to completely avoid in the hobby of autographs.  P.A.A.S. is a company started by two autograph experts and Mike Frost.  After a short period of time both partners left Frost for many, many reasons.  Frost tried to start the company back up by himself and it fell flat on it’s face.  Even eBay removed all autographs that came with a P.A.A.S. COA.

Recently an outfit who had bad autographs needed certificates to state they were genuine. Frost aggressively went after that company to produce P.A.A.S. certificates for the forged autographs but was turned down.  Frost was told his certificates are basically a joke and not accepted by any legitimate collector or dealer.

During Frost’s ongoing financial problems there are recent complaints of Frost not returning autographs sent to him by collectors who are not familiar with Frost’s history of corruption.

The following is just one more example to illustrate how low this lunatic will go and at what great lengths he will go to deceive those in this industry. Mike Frost obviously has no morals.

Mike Frost has ripped off the entire international autograph industry more than once. To this day he refuses to explain what he did with $50,000 of the IACC/DA club’s money. All he is asked to do is show the deposit of the $50,000 check and the checks he wrote after the deposit. 

Frost thought the autograph community was stupid and his only response was to offer years of checks for legitimate club’s expenses months and years before the $50,000 deposit.  That $50,000 belonged to the several hundred club members.  That money was to go to improve the club with more shows, a more improved club quarterly magazine and events that were to be held Internationally.  Instead, the club was forced to close, thanks to Mike Frost and the disappearance of the members $50,000.

Mike Frost has ripped off his friends,  autograph collectors and dealers, seems like everyone he comes in contact with.  Some now refer to Dr. Frost as Dr. Fraud.  If  you expose this vile individual, he will go to any length to harass you and your family with unimaginative but creative absurdity.  He will do all this using several fictitious names and then state “just google that person’s name.”

The entire autograph community is becoming tired of reading about Mike Frost.   The current law suits and State of Florida investigations are piling up against him.

The legal system and hopefully the State of Florida will most likely rid this undesirable from our beloved hobby!

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  • Stupid Frost is at it again.  This doctor can't stop himself from being a fool.  Now he post rap videos not responding to why she was in Florida yesterday after he lied about her being in Africa.  She wasn't in Africa giving speeches, she was in Florida getting her hair done.  What I love in the rap video mike stupidly posted was where she says; "I'm forging a new future."

    Well, there you have it in black and white.

    Mike could possibly respond to being busted for lying by posting Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech next.  Go away Mike everyone knows your a liar.  Cykrin and Epperson love you but this industry needs honest people, not your or their type. 

  • I woujld disagree with you Ken. Mike has no friends. Mike is being used by some real low life's to lie about others since he already lied about them.

    The list of Lies on Khalila herself are amazing.

    That she is famous, she's in Africa, she is coming out with a book, that the Ali Prints she sold and authenticated she didn't supposedly do but everyone but Mike knows she did them. 

    She is no different then Robin Givens minus the acting credentials.

    Lying is bad.  You will find that all over Cyrkins magazine site.  But what Frost continues to do is to create lies and then lie about them.  Now that is LOW!

  • The onslaught of epic is still going on with Dr. Michael Frost.  And these are his "FRIENDS" that are doing this...

    Very interesting to say the least...

    Reply by Rock G III on May 7, 2015 at 2:04pm
    Great, so her job is to spot the ones she signed and Mike says never happened? lol This book will be riveting.

    Reply by Carlos on May 12, 2015 at 6:09pm
    Recently these Ali 3x World Champ rings with COA from Khalilah have hit the market. So far I have seen 3 all accompanied with letters from her. Can you confirm how many she received and how many she sold please.
    wanna see how rare they actually are Also could you find out why she was given them since she was 4-5 years separated from Ali when he won his 3rd title, just wondering why she would be given so many let alone one

    Oh here's links to the rings. There are 3 from what I can see and a couple have been listed again





    Reply by Carlos on May 12, 2015 at 6:57pm
    Wow guys I need your thoughts here - one of the eBay accounts that has one do the rings and sold another - eBay seller 702_collectables has sold dozens upon dozens of different sports rings.
    Here is then ali ring. Go look at his feedback as seller. Sports rings galore


    Wow actually just even go to the items for sale - they have 35 sports players rings from Ali to

    To Rodgers

    To Montana and many many more

    MIKE PLEASE FIND OUT IF THE RINGS THEY HAVE OF ALIS ARE INFACT AUTHENTIC AS I FIND IT STRANGE THEY HAVE THEM WITH ALL THESE RINGS. Oh and please answer the questions I posed above in the other comment regarding why/how she has them.

    Reply by Carlos on Thursday
    Update regarding the seller and the rings - when asked about the one sold at Mears (which originated from eBay seller 702_collectables, sold through eBay and consigned to Mears) they said the one they have is the original. When asked why their are currently 3 Ali entourage rings with the same paperwork and they had already sold one and had one listed currently, they said they don't have time to prove themselves lol. Then when asked where all their other player rings came from they wouldn't reply at all....

    Reply by Carlos 23 hours ago
    Could you also ask her what has happened here. eBay seller 702_collectables has a teo supposedly worn by Ali. The thing that concerns me is that the COA she signed says it's a black tie yet in the pictures she is seen with the seller holding a blue tie....


    Reply by AC 17 hours ago
    I don't think Mike is coming back as he knows he can't lie his way out of this anymore he has been caught out again and run away to hide.

    Reply by Carlos 16 hours ago
    An obsession of only buying authentic items yes

    Are you obsessed with making sure things are authentic mike?

    Reply by Carlos 16 hours ago
    Steve I really don't understand the second part of the post.

    If it wasn't clear the reason I asked about the other items is because his business partner Khalilah is apart of it and I would like to make sure that they are cleared up so that people can have peace if mind when she starts authenticating for PAAS. I mean I would have though mike would want any negative things, if they are such, connected to her cleared up so that people weren't in second minds later

    The reason I ask of she was given any gloves is because apparently she told mike he would never give her used trunks. I was asking of she was given used gloves because according to muhammad jr she have him (jr) a pair of training used gloves

    Reply by Mike T 16 hours ago
    The amount of BS spewed by Mike in this thread is comical, he is looking for a way out and can't find the door.  Maybe when the revered world leader gets back from her speaking tour she can help us lowly folks out.. until then I would stay far away from anything connected to her name, as it has been pointed out multiple times in this thread she is clearly tied to fraudulent merchandise and autographs.

    Reply by Mike T 15 hours ago
    Mike, first you said she never signed for him, then later you said she signed his checks and fan mail after we produced numerous examples showing forged memorabilia tied to her name, sold with certificates signed by her. The only thing "childish" about this is your ignorance of the real problem.

    Your replies are all the same, you are ignoring the evidence presented and you keep claiming that the truths will all be revealed in an upcoming book that is going to shake up the autograph industry. Claiming she is the only true wife of Muhammad Ali.. that she was the "guiding force" behind his success.  Really?  C'mon Mike.  No one is believing any of this.

    I'm sure Ms. Ali is a great lady, but she is by no stretch a "world leader" or "one of the most influential woman of our time".  If you truly believe the stuff you are writing here then I don't think we can have an intelligent conversation about autographs and this is a complete waste of time.

    Reply by Carlos 13 hours ago
    Mike did you even look at the items? They have pictures of Khalilah with the items and signed letters from her
    I would like to know why she signed those letters with those items as if they aren't authentic that surely hurts her credibility and then yours by association as she is your business partner. Right?

    Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager 14 hours ago
    Instead of putting Mike through the Spanish Inquisition day after day, why don't we give him time to prove that what he can do? That's what really matters, right?

    Reply by Mike T 14 hours ago
    Sure, how long do you feel is necessary?  It's been over a month since this discussion started.  Set a date and we'll reconvene then.

  • Reply by AC 3 hours ago
    Mike no one is intimated by you but it's good that you think that they are and that you can actually hold credit in the industry

  • Reply by JBS 10 hours ago
    Mike Frost = A.D.D. poster. So confusing

    How many people would actually send an Ali autograph to him to get authenticated vs PSA/DNA or JSA so they can get top dollar? The forgeries in the past with PAAS easter egg COA's were extremely obvious and embarrasing. There are hundreds of them discussed on this site if you use search. No one but the uneducated pays this guy for an opinion. It's worthless in the hobby.

  • I just saw Thomas's post.  I took the liberty of deleting his last paragraph.  This site does not want to stoop to the levels of lying about others like Autograph Magazine Live is known to do.  Let's watch what we say.

    This site is going nowhere but when it comes to my attention that someone may be stretching the truth, wishing for the death of others, or posting false statements I will take it down.

  • This fat little jewish coward has attaccked everyone in the autograph industry leaving a history of corruption and odor in his path.  His latest wet dream was that Stephen Koschal is a child molester. 

    This cowardly very sick robust little man needs to crawl away from this industry.

    Our files are busting at the seams of this little man.  We need duct tape to keep them together.  He recently found asylum with Steve Cyrkin, a man who is well known for being on the losing side of lawsuits. 

    Here is an email from his friend Roger Epperson.  Mike Fraud decides to take the information he is accused of (child molester) and attach it to legends and leaders within the autograph industry.  When will this simpleton stop?

    Doctor Fraud may have found his calling.  He thinks he knows Muhammad Ali's signature.  He is fighting publishers, experts and leaders in the industry saying he is now Ali's expert by joining forces with Khalilah Ali.  This business move is strange but one only Mike could dream up

  • Thomas, you probably lost most of your audience with the first sentence of your last post. Can't do that!

    I don't want to see this site shut down!
  • Miles,

    Yes!  That's the same Mike Frost.  Who posted that 5 times on the old forum because it was taken down by the mods.  He posted it, it would be taken down, he would put it back up, over and over and over again.

    Now they are friends, but Cyrkin has said: "I don't trust Mike Frost, I don't reccomend him, nor will I EVER in the present or future, he's been associated with fraud and forgeries his whole life....but he has seen the light"

    ....take it for whatever that is worth...

  • This guy owns PAAS? and is a current and active member of Magazine?

This reply was deleted.