Mike Frost - “Beware of P.A.A.S.”

Rips Off Autograph Industry Again!

Frost admits to knowingly doing a signing with the

wrong monkey and sells the fakes


Steve Cyrkin of the failed Autograph Collector Magazine writes and we quote in full:

Cyrkin 1 day ago Beverly Hills, California

Mike Frost is a fraud and a liar. He is behind the private signing with a monkey he claimed was from Tarzan. But the monkey wasn't even born until 20 years after Tarzan was created. He knew this but continued to sell these fakes for years laughing all the way to the bank. He is a complete and total FRAUD! Beware of Mike Frost/PAAS. His COA's were kicked off ebay. You'd be better off using Morales or Frangipani then Mike Frost/PAAS.”

This shocking information is in regard to where Mike Frost and his partner Michael Wehrmann claimed that they would do a private signing with the ape Cheetah from the old Tarzan films. They contacted an ape’s trainer in California and arranged to have the ape sign two hundred 8”x10” B&W photographs.  Each 8”X10” B&W photo that was hand signed by the ape came with another photo of the ape signing that specific photograph.  Believable?

To enhance the items, on Mike Frost letterhead of now defunct company Collectibles Of The Stars, every purchaser received a COA stating: “This is to confirm that Jiggs the Chimp A/K/A Cheetah did hand sign 200 photographs for Michael Wehrmann of Collectibles of the Stars on March 30, 1997.  Cheetah appeared in many of the original Tarzan films opposite Johnny Weissmuller.”

However, serial scammer Mike Frost knew if the truth about this scam  would eventually come out,  he had to cover himself.  Mike Frost would not sign his own certificates of authenticity on his own company‘s Florida letterhead. He dumped that part of the scam on his partner and also the owner of the ape. That’s what Mike Frost does to associates!

Mike Frost’s latest scam did fool almost 200 who purchased these photographs even up to a few months ago.  He stooped so low as to give these fraudulent autographs out as gifts to unsuspecting victims.

It was Mike Frost of  the old and defunct P.A.A.S. who slipped up and eventually stated that they knew this wasn’t the ape in the Tarzan films.  According to Frost he said they had too much money invested in the project by paying the owner of the ape, producing the 200 photos and a flight to California with expenses for hotels and food to stop the project.  It was Mike Frost who decided to go ahead with scamming the autograph community and go ahead with the signing.

Thereafter Mike Frost sold almost 200 signed photographs to friends, collectors and dealers knowing they were bogus.  This revealing information perfectly describes Mike Frost’s continued disgusting crusade promoting greed and corruption.  Mike Frost is being called by many immoral, unprincipled, dishonest and unethical and that’s just for starters.

A major story was written exposing this specific subject including one of the high profile authenticating companies authenticating these bogus photographs. See www.haulsofshame.com and other internet sites warning you to avoid the person who uses the name of Mike Frost or Michael Feigenbaum or Dr. Frost.

Mike Frost aka Michael Feigenbaum (his real name) and an alias Dr. Michael Frost is one person many say to completely avoid in the hobby of autographs.  P.A.A.S. is a company started by two autograph experts and Mike Frost.  After a short period of time both partners left Frost for many, many reasons.  Frost tried to start the company back up by himself and it fell flat on it’s face.  Even eBay removed all autographs that came with a P.A.A.S. COA.

Recently an outfit who had bad autographs needed certificates to state they were genuine. Frost aggressively went after that company to produce P.A.A.S. certificates for the forged autographs but was turned down.  Frost was told his certificates are basically a joke and not accepted by any legitimate collector or dealer.

During Frost’s ongoing financial problems there are recent complaints of Frost not returning autographs sent to him by collectors who are not familiar with Frost’s history of corruption.

The following is just one more example to illustrate how low this lunatic will go and at what great lengths he will go to deceive those in this industry. Mike Frost obviously has no morals.

Mike Frost has ripped off the entire international autograph industry more than once. To this day he refuses to explain what he did with $50,000 of the IACC/DA club’s money. All he is asked to do is show the deposit of the $50,000 check and the checks he wrote after the deposit. 

Frost thought the autograph community was stupid and his only response was to offer years of checks for legitimate club’s expenses months and years before the $50,000 deposit.  That $50,000 belonged to the several hundred club members.  That money was to go to improve the club with more shows, a more improved club quarterly magazine and events that were to be held Internationally.  Instead, the club was forced to close, thanks to Mike Frost and the disappearance of the members $50,000.

Mike Frost has ripped off his friends,  autograph collectors and dealers, seems like everyone he comes in contact with.  Some now refer to Dr. Frost as Dr. Fraud.  If  you expose this vile individual, he will go to any length to harass you and your family with unimaginative but creative absurdity.  He will do all this using several fictitious names and then state “just google that person’s name.”

The entire autograph community is becoming tired of reading about Mike Frost.   The current law suits and State of Florida investigations are piling up against him.

The legal system and hopefully the State of Florida will most likely rid this undesirable from our beloved hobby!

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  • Oh My God, is the Mike Frost that you are talking about also the guy who posted this

  • Does Ali's current wife and legal team know about this?  Should they be contacted so they are aware of what is going on?

    Michael Frost and Khalilah Ali will be offering a special service expressively for the authentication of Muhammad Ali Autographs. The service will be called The P.A.A.S. exclusive Ali Authentication. Each item submitted to P.A.A.S. will be physically examined by the team of Michael Frost and Khalilah Ali. If the item passes the examination and is deemed authentic, an acid free archival numbered hologram will be affixed to the item. The item will be marked with a special DNA pen containing actual authentic DNA from Muhammad Ali. This DNA marking is safe on any object and will be undetectable. The DNA of Muhammad Ali along with the numbered hologram will be able to be traced and tracked forever.(or until Michael Frost delete's the number from his database which he does more often then not when it's discovered he's made yet another mistake) On top of these two great new features P.A.A.S. will also be issuing a specially marked Letter Of Authentication by both Michael Frost and Khalilah Ali. The new special numbered Muhammad Ali Letter Of Authentication will be notarized and will be impossible to counterfeit.(But I Michael Frost, will say that these items are indeed counterfeit when mistakes are found months or even years later, as so many people try to copy my COA's/Loa's and again, I will be forced to delete the numbers from my computer system so all you will have is a nice piece of paper with words on it, and a shiny sticker on the item, and it will be backed by nothing, as i'm a LIAR and RAT) Finally, complete peace of mind on your most valuable Muhammad Ali autographed treasures. Besides Muhammad Ali Forgeries over taking the autograph market, several people in Muhammad Ali's inner circle including his wife have been asked to sign photos, fan mail, literature, and letters going back as far as the 1960's. More information on this subject will be released shortly. The fee for this exclusive Muhammad Ali Authentication Service will be $70 per item. Muhammad Ali's authentic autograph is valued at $500 and up, and this service not only will add security but value to your treasure.
    Visit the website to learn more www.paasaa.com

    Ali's agent and exclusive solo partnership is here, what people do with this information is up to you.  One can only suggest that they be contacted and made aware of what Michael "THE LIAR and THE RAT" Frost is doing.... again it's only here for information:

    SPORTS PLACEMENT SERVICE  ATTN: Harlan J. Werner enforce@ckx.com
    330 West 11th Street, Suite 105
    Los Angeles, CA 90015-2230
    Phone:    213.744.1308
    Fax:    213.765.1871

    This is something that they put up regarding Ali,

    Muhammad Ali Enterprises is owned by Muhammad Ali and CKX, Inc. MAE controls the intellectual property rights of Mr. Ali and provides Muhammad Ali’s services with respect to the signing of items of memorabilia. It has recently come to our attention that certain eBay sellers and memorabilia dealers are selling fake Muhammad Ali signature items with fraudulent COAs (Certificates of Authenticity) and/or fraudulent hologram stickers.

    MAE strongly cautions buyers to ensure that the Ali signature has all relevant validation information. To ensure authenticity, MAE recommends purchasing items that have been certified by Online Authentics, Muhammad Ali Signatures, or PSA/DNA via their “Signed-in-the-Presence” service. While MAE has worked with other Authenticators in the past, we strongly recommend doing business with the companies listed above in light of the recent fraudulent autograph issues.

    For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Muhammad Ali Enterprises via enforce@ckx.com

    Thank you.

  • Michael Frost said he was teaching, yet he was the one that was "schooled"  Once again, this mental midgit has not answered any questions that he was asked, and has deleted PAAS items from his computer.

    Reply by AC yesterday
    Just so you know Steiner hasn't done a signing with Ali since about 2006 and all of these where done through Online Authenitcs. Since you are not sure who the companies are that I mentioned which I find extremely strange to say the least he is a bit of a break down.

    Online Authentics is a company owned by Sports Placement Services

    They have the rights to making the movie about operation bullpen


    Muhammad Ali Enterprises


    And I am sure you know who PSA are.

    You say Steiner stuff is 100% I think you should read up a bit about them. I broke this about 6 months before it was put up on the website. Now what Steiner are doing is recerting Fakes.


    Let me know when you are holding your next lesson as I would like to attend

    Reply by Rock G III 31 minutes ago
    I will say it again. She is not tained in autograph authentication so claiming she can spot a forgery is quite comical. Whats next ? Babe Ruth's daughter authenticating game used items from Yankee stadium? I mean she knew Babe Ruth her whole life.

    Michael Frost of PAAS seems to have struck out again, this time before he even got up to the plate...

  • That's a excellent post Richard.

    It was Frost who himself admitted to having numerous accounts before, for a consumer reporting website, that he said he had set up to "ruin" a competitor when that person went on it to defend himself.

    Even though he (Mike Frost) is not that intellegent, never under estimate the power of stupid people in groups.

    That post below, show's excatly what Steve Cyrkin and his friends do, and are capable of.

    Can you imagine all of the emails and posts that are going to be found in his case with Todd Mueller.  We will all finally get to see just how that mentally ill ring leader runs his site and people's lives.

    This also must be a way of Steve Cyrkin helping to show Mike "the way of the light"

    Stupid is, as stupid does...

  • 3/4/2011

    comment by Steve Cyrkin 35 minutes ago

    I'm going to leave this up for now, but I want everyone to know that "tom tom" is Mike Frost of IADA-CC/PAAS.  I recognize his style, grammar errors, etc.- and that setting up things like this is his style.  So don't believe anything he's put up here without absolute proof it's correct.

    My preference is to take down this entire post, because it was put up fraudulently...but I don't want to do it unless you guys say it's OK.  Not you Mike ("tom tom")...your vote doesn't count.

    Mike, please:  I need you to listen to me.  Those employed in the autograph industry must identify themselves upon sign-up.  It says it right in the sign-up form.  Otherwise you are violating the rules here and it could cost you big.  Not to mention that if what you are posting is fraudulent in any way, Mysinger can go after you.

    And Mike, signing up every night or two as a new member who instantly has some scam to discredit an active member on this site is a bit too obvious.  You need to set up your fraudulent accounts and act like a normal member for a few weeks before you try to pull your  scams.  You'll be much more successful that way.

    Cyrkin teaches Mike how to be fraudulent.  Mike has gotten better at it.  Now they are friends and the above saved comment has been deleted off Steve Cyrkin's site.  Telling huh?

  • Mike Frost is getting HAMMERED on Cyrkins site over the past few days.

    He again deleted numbers out of his data base, even after saying a item was real.

    Somebody saw the press kit he put out about joining forces with Ali's former wife and admitter of selling fake and forged Ali's autographs, her side of it was this:  she felt she could sign on his behalf since she signed his checks and other things while they were married. (So she took the Mike Frost route, when in doubt, play dumb and act like you didn't know it was wrong even though YOU DID)

    Here are some of the highlights, being said about MIKE on the other forum.  Keep in mind, Mike has said that THIS website (Autograph planet) is the source of his problems, and that nobody else has issues with him:

    Mike Frost and his newest idea...FLOP

    Reply by Joe W. yesterday
    Only thing that comes to my mind is why any authentication service needs a deal to authenticate a signature? I would think that would take away the word independent from Independent Third Party. Otherwise, as long as the service renders a fair and unbiased opinion then more power to them.

    Reply by Chad B yesterday
    Goofy is the first word that comes to mind.

    Reply by Carlos yesterday
    "I have not heard negative commoners against his reputation" lol
    You're either a troll or haven't searched this forum on him. I will say I didn't even know who he was till I recently searched . You should do the same

    Reply by bernie chatzky yesterday
    Mike instead of looking like a total fool lacking gray matter just ask the owner/moderator to start kicking all the members that have different opinions than yours, I have no desire to argue and frankly I became a member to read and understand this autograph world, but if I get kicked out I still have a life. Yes please start a petition with autographlivemagazine to evict all Mike Frost people (as you believe I am one of them), and ban Mike Frost and any related subjects, even better call the FBI and any other authorities to apprehend him and throw him into jail, about that? would that satisfy you? Mike T.

     Reply by Mike T yesterday
    I don't think very many people are going to read this discussion and think me the fool.

    Reply by Rock G III 23 hours ago
    haha this bernie guy just said 2 different things. I never heard a negative comment and then says yes I have heard some.

    This is BRILLIANT lol

    Reply by Mike T yesterday
    I think Frost has certed way too many forgeries to ever earn my business, regardless of what deals he has signed.

    Reply by Mark Wohlfahrt yesterday
    She got in trouble for selling forged Ali autographs. Probably the last person I would have authenticate something lol

    Reply by Taylor Williams yesterday
    Mr. Chatzky, Mike Frost may be a great guy and he may know autographs, but his authentication service (PAAS) does nothing but support the sale of bogus autographs. I did like your comment "certifying and selling COA's is a dirty business", because that is what I suspect Mr. Frost does, certify and sell a COA when he is supposed to be certifying an AUTOGRAPH. He simply sells certificates, in my opinion.

    Reply by Mike T yesterday
    Honestly i think you would be hard pressed to find an authentic autograph he certified prior to 2012. His company was a joke and banned from eBay. He used to flame people on here with caps lock and childish grammar and now since he comes back on this forum and tries to save face some people like him.. I don't get it but if you trust him and want to give him your money that's your prerogative. He's done enough damage for my lifetime of collecting.

    Reply by Carlos 20 hours ago
    I think this is a joke and a simple ploy to trick people into buying PAAS items.
    - Khalilah is estranged from Ali and has been for years
    - She is not an Ali autograph expert
    - PAAS and Khalilah have already certified Ali forgeries
    - If she did know his auto it would be the pre-1975 style which is the easiest to verify
    - Apparenty she has been done for selling fake Ali autos in the past
    - PAAS wanna charge as much as jsa for Ali authentication lol (like they're on the same level)

    To me it's a ploy and a cheap tactic. Hopefully people don't fall for it

    As you can see, his "friends" have hammered him, items are pointed out, and in classic Mike Frost fashion, he deletes the items from him cert check, denies he certed it, and says he's not done any.

    Frost is caught in his own web of lies....again.

    Reply by Carlos 15 hours ago
    Mike I just had this emailed to me. Could you please confirm if it came from her as well
    Also could you confirm you certified this item
    Thanks for your help. I'm sure you want to make sure that we all are educated on this area
    Your reply will greatly help stamps out forgeries
    Another deleted item


    Looking for... MF15441
    We are sorry, we did not find a match for the certificate you submitted. Please visit our contact page if you require further assistance.

  • These are commonly referred to as Dr. Michael Frost hotdog forgeries certified by a lousy non-expert.

    Here is an example of a real Manziel autograph.  Notice the huge difference between fakes certified by P.A.A.S., a company booted off ebay due to all the forgeries this hotdog passed. 

    Autograph planet does not allow the origin of the autographs or the seller's reputation have a personal effect upon my judgement or my professional examination.  Impersonators and frauds are exposed on Autograph Planet despite how good or bad of a forgery authenticator they are.  This site exposes conmen and Fraud!

  • How sad.  Frost comes back, like it's been a big deal that he's been gone, and almost 24 hours later, not a soul:

    Welcomed him back.

    Shows they were glad he was gone and stopped his lies, as when he was last on that website, he was caught deleting numbers from his data base, saying he never used that set of numbers, was shown sets of numbers from before and after the deleted ones, was shown to be nothing but a liar and fraudster.  People kept asking "why does Frost even still post, nothing good can come from it"

    He blames everybody else for his problems, when just as many people on AML have said he's the villiage idiot and is untrustworthy.

    After 11 hours of his topic dropping to almost off the front page, he signs in under one of his "other" names, a name that he has only used to talk about how great Michael Frost is, to chime in on his post so it does not fall off the page in his big return to blogs since he left in the middle of Janurary when he was caught in so many lies, he felt it would be best to just leave then to stay and confront them.  ALA Roger Epperson, end of December when all of the Jackson's fakes were found and he's served with 4 lawsuits that will all but end his career.

    Frost, do the hobby a favor, leave, like you did in Jan, and leave for good.

    We don't need the Jethro of Autographs and Autograph authentication showing just how dumb a person can be as a full grown adult.

    Just my opinion, of course.

  • I think Crayon's come into school around the second grade.  Mike Frost who is now using the name Thomas Everett has no friends so he is conducting another puppet show.  I wish this would stop and Mike would find a career that could keep him busy and hopefully on the up and up.  Autographs isn't his thing.  It's sad to see a guy go out this way.  :(

  • At what grade level would a student with a modicum of talent have to be at to create that Road Runner drawing? 5th, 6th , 7th?

    I've noticed that the bidding is at $500.00 presently.
This reply was deleted.