Mike Frost - “Beware of P.A.A.S.”

Rips Off Autograph Industry Again!

Frost admits to knowingly doing a signing with the

wrong monkey and sells the fakes


Steve Cyrkin of the failed Autograph Collector Magazine writes and we quote in full:

Cyrkin 1 day ago Beverly Hills, California

Mike Frost is a fraud and a liar. He is behind the private signing with a monkey he claimed was from Tarzan. But the monkey wasn't even born until 20 years after Tarzan was created. He knew this but continued to sell these fakes for years laughing all the way to the bank. He is a complete and total FRAUD! Beware of Mike Frost/PAAS. His COA's were kicked off ebay. You'd be better off using Morales or Frangipani then Mike Frost/PAAS.”

This shocking information is in regard to where Mike Frost and his partner Michael Wehrmann claimed that they would do a private signing with the ape Cheetah from the old Tarzan films. They contacted an ape’s trainer in California and arranged to have the ape sign two hundred 8”x10” B&W photographs.  Each 8”X10” B&W photo that was hand signed by the ape came with another photo of the ape signing that specific photograph.  Believable?

To enhance the items, on Mike Frost letterhead of now defunct company Collectibles Of The Stars, every purchaser received a COA stating: “This is to confirm that Jiggs the Chimp A/K/A Cheetah did hand sign 200 photographs for Michael Wehrmann of Collectibles of the Stars on March 30, 1997.  Cheetah appeared in many of the original Tarzan films opposite Johnny Weissmuller.”

However, serial scammer Mike Frost knew if the truth about this scam  would eventually come out,  he had to cover himself.  Mike Frost would not sign his own certificates of authenticity on his own company‘s Florida letterhead. He dumped that part of the scam on his partner and also the owner of the ape. That’s what Mike Frost does to associates!

Mike Frost’s latest scam did fool almost 200 who purchased these photographs even up to a few months ago.  He stooped so low as to give these fraudulent autographs out as gifts to unsuspecting victims.

It was Mike Frost of  the old and defunct P.A.A.S. who slipped up and eventually stated that they knew this wasn’t the ape in the Tarzan films.  According to Frost he said they had too much money invested in the project by paying the owner of the ape, producing the 200 photos and a flight to California with expenses for hotels and food to stop the project.  It was Mike Frost who decided to go ahead with scamming the autograph community and go ahead with the signing.

Thereafter Mike Frost sold almost 200 signed photographs to friends, collectors and dealers knowing they were bogus.  This revealing information perfectly describes Mike Frost’s continued disgusting crusade promoting greed and corruption.  Mike Frost is being called by many immoral, unprincipled, dishonest and unethical and that’s just for starters.

A major story was written exposing this specific subject including one of the high profile authenticating companies authenticating these bogus photographs. See www.haulsofshame.com and other internet sites warning you to avoid the person who uses the name of Mike Frost or Michael Feigenbaum or Dr. Frost.

Mike Frost aka Michael Feigenbaum (his real name) and an alias Dr. Michael Frost is one person many say to completely avoid in the hobby of autographs.  P.A.A.S. is a company started by two autograph experts and Mike Frost.  After a short period of time both partners left Frost for many, many reasons.  Frost tried to start the company back up by himself and it fell flat on it’s face.  Even eBay removed all autographs that came with a P.A.A.S. COA.

Recently an outfit who had bad autographs needed certificates to state they were genuine. Frost aggressively went after that company to produce P.A.A.S. certificates for the forged autographs but was turned down.  Frost was told his certificates are basically a joke and not accepted by any legitimate collector or dealer.

During Frost’s ongoing financial problems there are recent complaints of Frost not returning autographs sent to him by collectors who are not familiar with Frost’s history of corruption.

The following is just one more example to illustrate how low this lunatic will go and at what great lengths he will go to deceive those in this industry. Mike Frost obviously has no morals.

Mike Frost has ripped off the entire international autograph industry more than once. To this day he refuses to explain what he did with $50,000 of the IACC/DA club’s money. All he is asked to do is show the deposit of the $50,000 check and the checks he wrote after the deposit. 

Frost thought the autograph community was stupid and his only response was to offer years of checks for legitimate club’s expenses months and years before the $50,000 deposit.  That $50,000 belonged to the several hundred club members.  That money was to go to improve the club with more shows, a more improved club quarterly magazine and events that were to be held Internationally.  Instead, the club was forced to close, thanks to Mike Frost and the disappearance of the members $50,000.

Mike Frost has ripped off his friends,  autograph collectors and dealers, seems like everyone he comes in contact with.  Some now refer to Dr. Frost as Dr. Fraud.  If  you expose this vile individual, he will go to any length to harass you and your family with unimaginative but creative absurdity.  He will do all this using several fictitious names and then state “just google that person’s name.”

The entire autograph community is becoming tired of reading about Mike Frost.   The current law suits and State of Florida investigations are piling up against him.

The legal system and hopefully the State of Florida will most likely rid this undesirable from our beloved hobby!

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  • Both sides of the ocean know for a fact that Mike Frost couldn't successfully sell hotdogs.  So why would anyone believe he is capable of authenticating an autograph.  He has proven over and over by listing genuine autographs and saying they are not genuine that he is incapable of authenticating.  Besides how can anyone be an authenticator without a reference library.  And depending on his wife and kid for guidance.  From what I've read on the internet is the only thing collectors want from Mike Frost is to have their material returned.

    Enough time wasted on this serial fraudster.

  • Can anyone believe Frost after being exposed as a well documented thief, liar & forger and more.  He is still able to spew his venum on the internet.

    Why hasn't Frost denied stealing money from the IACC/DA?  Just show us the checks he wrote to himself after depositing $50,000.00.

    Mike, Show everyone that the story about the Monkey is a lie!

    Mike, Tell everyone why you are not returning items sent to you for authentication.

    Last but not least- the autograph hobby is very pleased that you have written that you will "help collectors and to expose fraud and corruption."  Please start by admitting all the fraud and corruption you have initiated starting with the above.

    Finally, if anyone can believe Mike for the first time, there is hope Frost has seen the light and that his insanity ends.

  • Iconic said for any questions regarding that item to contact Roger himself.

    So this is the 3rd auction house, when questioned are sending people to Roger.

    This action can only mean that not only is he to authenticator which is true as the COA is present. (Also notice the date, another one of the 150+ from 7-10-14)  But he must be the source and consigner of these items.

    How is that a way to do business?  Sell a item, when questioned, send people to somebody else for answers?

    That's like if you win a bet with a person named Bob.  Bob is owned money from a person named Carl.  So Bob, tells you to collect your win from Carl.  Carl didn't bet you, Bob did.

  • Good points DB.  Also Grant.

    So whose job is it to pull this Roadrunner off the market?  Iconic?  Roger? or just watch it sell and say dangit, there's another forgery off to another victim!  Who gives the refund when the victim realizes he's been had?  The authenticator?  Iconic?

    Another victim that didn't real the blog, another seller who possibly did or did not, another authenticator who didn't have a recall.

  • How much would PAAS charge me for a quick opinion on this supposed Michael Jackson signed "Road Runner Sketch" with a "REAL" COA?

  • Let us not forget that he (Michael Frost) also delete's his numbers from the PAAS database and then lies about it.  He says "I've never used that set of numbers"

    Then people find a sequence issued from before the deleted ones and after the deleted ones.

    So what does this fine autograph authenticator do when that's pointed out, he goes and "edits" the numbers instead of deleting them to show where he thinks said item came from and he now deems it not authentic. (Because he's involved in a lawsuit with the auction house of the item)

    He lies so much I doubt he even knows when he's telling the truth...

  • I'd like to ask him who the owners of Memorabilia Vault are?
  • Omerta went out with Barboza.  Since it appears Frost monitors this site and it's invite it's his move to make.

    I don't suggest anyone involved in an active suit do much posting but seems that hasn't really happened so far.  You did forget that the secretaries (were signing) which doesn't come as a surprise to some that suspected such decades ago.  

    I also feel you don't give enough credit to the blogs. There have been foul balls, homeruns and strike outs but unfortunately it hasn't made a dent in the overall forgeries that are sold or in someone's collection,  By the time they learn of it, it's way too late.   As such we might agree that blogs have made a dent at times, saved a few people from buying forgeries, helped get some refunds but overall haven't been effective.  I'd say equivalent of law enforcement although at times they do something spectacular but all too often too little too late.

  • I have no problem debating the facts against the false statements made by anyone.  However, when lawsuits are being filed, yet to be filed, are coming in time etc it's not a good thing to debate what will be handled in court on a blog.  And nobody wants to be called a coward for wishing to have things handled in court where it counts versus on a blog where anyone can lie.  I don't object to anyone joining but I personally will not debate parties when I have over $60,000 invested already and plan on spending another $500,000.00 if necessary.  In 8 years nothing has been solved on any blog other than Charlton Heston had a secretary.

This reply was deleted.