Mickey Mantle At Auction
Who Can You Believe?


                                                                                                                                    by Stephen Koschal

Mickey Mantle is a magical name in the history of baseball. Many collectors believe he is the second most popular player in the sports hobby when it comes to collecting his memorabilia.

The amount of forged signatures that have sold in the hobby are enormous. Many of these forgeries come with Certificates of Authenticity from most all the companies who claim they can authenticate autographs.

Here seems to be no end to what forgers will attempt to fool uneducated collectors. At times it get to be a point of being ridiculous. For example not long ago, at auction a baseball was offered said to be signed by Bill Wight. His signature on the ball was authenticated by PSA/DNA. Under the described signature of Bill Wight, apparently by the same hand was written: “Mickey Mantle’s 1st Hit. 4/17/51.” See illustration below.

PSA/DNA’s authenticated Bill Wight, Mantle’s 1st Hit Baseball

Close-up of the Mantle 1st Hit Baseball

Less than a year later, on eBay another Bill Wight, Mickey Mantle’s 1st Hit 4/17/51 baseball is offered by a seller in the Bronx, New York. This seller looks legit…because he has 2,152 feedbacks and 100% of them are positive. See illustration below.

Another 1st Hit Mickey Mantle baseball

During this sale a third Mickey Mantle 1st Hit Baseball is offered on eBay. Someone must have complained because the item was quickly removed from the auction.
See illustration below.

A third 1st Hit Mickey Mantle baseball.

One can almost bet that there are more out there. Who can anyone believe?

Do your own homework before making any purchase and make that purchase from a reputable dealer. A list of reputable dealers can be found on www.autographplanet.com

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