Mike Frost of P.A.A.S.
                                                                                     Claims to be a Doctor?
How absurd is this? Mike Frost claims to be a doctor. Obtained from the counter in Mike Frost’s last store which he used to authenticate autographs and sell hot dogs out of a wagon.
The card lists his name as Dr. Michael Frost, Sports Psychologist, Licensed Sports Agent.
The card also illustrates the Official Logo of Major League Baseball.
On Frost’s web site for his company for authenticating autographs there is no mention in his biography of any educational back ground. Not even a high school back ground is mentioned.
When his Doctor business card first came to light, Mike Frost, in writing out right lied once again and said that Steve Koschal made up the card. He later changed his story, as most liars do, and said even later that Steve Koschal for years begged him for the card.
Neither of the lies from Frost are the truth. Anyone who has been to Frost’s store “The Show Emporium” at 9730 Griffin Road in Cooper City, Florida should have seen a stack of these cards next to the cash register.
Frost's newest claim is he made the card up “as a joke.”
How many feel that impersonating a Doctor is a joke? Does Major League Baseball think it’s also a joke to use their logo?
Could it also be a joke appearing to be an autograph authenticator?
More proof that Frost is an impersonator and a liar. These are the actions of Mike Frost.     

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  • I had somebody contact MLB about this.  They said that the name on the above card is listed on the BANNED member section of MLB.  The agents all have to pass background checks etc..etc.  A Dr. Michael Frost is not a approved agent or a doctor as far as they could tell and he is part of a very long list of people that ALL BASEBALL PLAYERS are warned to stay away from.

    The NFL does the same thing as well as the NBA and NHL.  No word if he is also on the banned lists for them.  If needed it is something that can be looked into.

  • If someone has proof that the woman, Christina was instead Mike Frost please email me the IP address and information to todd@toddmuellerautographs.com.   My lawyers would love to see this.  Thanks

    • What is with these "men" posing as women on blog sites?  First you have that music guy down south posing as TARA.   Where he went on to blast none other then Mike Frost for being over weight, and then goes on to talk about his manhood and how big he is and that he should have a career in the porn industry.  SICK SICK SICK!

      Frost posing as Christina Patterson, and doing it just to talk bad about another dealer.

      There was a susan by another male dealer.

      What is with these people?  I just don't get it...  

  • Christina Patterson is no longer a member of this community.  We fear "HE" is a member of the forgery industry.  His I.P. address is from Florida.  The address is off of Whispering Pines Road in Ft. Lauderdale.

This reply was deleted.