Michael Frost of PAAS, what is wrong with him?

Was Michael Frost wanting to be a Homosexual wife to somebody?

 For years there has been accusations and rumors of Michael Frost's alternative lifestyle. People always would comment on Michael Frost's mannerisms such as his effeminate look and his overly dramatic rants especially after a few glasses of wine. There are many other reasons for these accusations , but that is really  not any of our concerns.

These are nothing more then just stereotypes and the IADA-CC, although not a political organization has always supported Gay Rights.
 The IADA-CC does not believe in discrimination or segregation based upon sexual preference, race, color, religion, or national origin.

 The issue with Michael Frost has nothing at all to do with what he enjoys in his personal life, it is his pursuit of Michael Frost over the years although Frost as expressed his non interest over and over again.

According to Mr.Dr. Michael Frost current and former president of the IADA-CC, he has always laughed off or ignored his own sexual advances. He has often been referred to  as a chubby chaser, because of Frost's said he has a preference to chubby handsome tough guys in there mid 40's. He said Frost was nothing more then a joke especially when he ran those silly little autograph shows. The professional dealers would sit back and laugh at Frost's fake autographed record albums and watch him make as if his show was a major success.  The laughing continues to this day that Dr. Michael Frost calls himself a PROFESSIONAL and is trying to run a authentication service.  His certs have been pulled off of ebay once because of his ignorance to what real autographs are.

We  now believe we might be dealing with the actions of a scorned man in Michael Frost. He has once again used the autograph blog forum and his own website for his personal rants and flamboyant made up stories.

This time he is the star spokesmen on IADA-CC website , spewing lies and trying to cause a state of confusion and disturbance while he tries to pursues his lost agendas. This time it looks like Frost's agenda is to try to have Michael Frost for himself. Michael Frost has now decided to attack Mrs. Frost, Michael's wife of over 30 years whom Frost really does not even know. Michael Frost has now been expressing and publishing several defamatory statements about Mrs. Frost with the help of the IADA-CC website. These false and erroneous statements are believed to be all be created in the sick mind of Michael Frost. One reason may be because Mrs Frost refused to allow Michael Frost around the children. The other may be because of Frost's known infatuation with Michael Frost.

It is surprising because Michael Frost has lived for the past 40 years with what we believe to be false claims and allegations of child abuse, child molestation, & spousal abuse.
It is believed that this fantasized love affair that Mike  has for Michael Frost has brought him over the edge. Michael Frost is a sick and Demented  man that is miles from any sort of  professional, and business minded person can be. When reached by phone Michael Frost has stated that he is totally in love with himself and will do whatever he can to show pepole just how messed up in the head he really is.Frost stated once again, "that he always prays for corndogs and mullets to make a comeback and that people will forgive him for all the wrong he has caused."

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  • Just got word from a legal eagle in the states that the Michael Frost lawsuit website should be up and running this week or next.

    It will be like the RR lawsuit and Roger Epperson lawsuit websites.

    Stay tuned...

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