Mike Frost of P.A.A.S.,
Who and What is he all about?
To answer this question all anyone has to do is Google his name. If what you read about him isn’t enough to scare you out of autograph collecting and autograph authentication you may be in for a rude awakening.
Look at what is said about Frost and P.A.A.S. on Rip-Off Report alone. Take notice that Frost responds to every complaint the same way for so long. Everyone is a liar according to him. “It never happened”…according to him.
Mike Frost has had problems with collectors and dealers for over two decades. His financial problems are well known in the hobby. The clubs he helped form…all gone. The card stores and shops selling mostly low end autographs are gone. He baseball school…gone. The authenticating company he was a one third partner did not last long for several reasons…his two other partners left.
To help pay the rent in his card/autograph shop….he put in a dance floor for 50’s dances. That didn’t last. Next was holding auctions at night…a handful of people showed up and that quickly went down the tubes.
Last resort was putting in a hot dog wagon and he tried to sell hot dogs. Kaput went that business and good ole Mike sold the hot dog business to a friend and closed the shop shortly thereafter.
  All that’s left is a shadow of the former P.A.A.S. now basically a one man operation. Don't   be fooled by his list of experts and his resume. That will all be discussed later, in detail.
For your information, do a little research before choosing Mike Frost to do an authentication. You will discover he was removed from eBay and everyone who listed an autograph on eBay that came with a COA from P.A.A.S. was removed. As a service to the hobby more will be posted about Mike Frost and P.A.A.S. in the near future.
Picture of Mike Frost making himself a hot dog illustrated below. Take notice…no customers in the store and this is the exact location collectors mailed their autographs in for an opinion. 

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  • HOT DOGS??!!!  I have not have a hot dog since I was 8 or 9.  I was shown how they were made and what they were made of, and have not ate once since. 

    But sausage, italian or brats.  I can crush those all day long!


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