Michael Frost of P.A.A.S. is he a demented man child?

Michael Frost, AKA Dr. Mike Frost...aka Michael Feignebaum shows time and time again that everything in his little brain just isn't firing on all cylinders.


Mike Frost, AKA all the names listed above is currently being sued in 3 different lawsuits.  He has said that he has retained a Lawyer, but his actions are not of that of a person who did.  If he did retain one, the first thing that Lawyer would have said would be. "YOU NEED TO SHUP UP, YOU NEED TO NOT POST ON BLOGS, YOU NEED TO JUST KEEP QUIET WHILE THESE CASES ARE GOING ON"


What does Mike ALA insert name here do?  Just the opposite.  He goes on his website and does post after post, be it in 3rd person, but he still is posting.  He is the owner and operator and the only person who has the keys to the site.  Now he is actually helping the people who are suing him.  He is proving their case for them, because this dim witted little troll just can't keep his big fat mouth shut.

What else does this man child do?  He makes fun of the bible.  A poster on this site quoted the #1 selling book of ALL TIME.  A book that has 40 different authors most of whom did not even know each other, and a book that has been around since the dawn of time.  Scripture of the bible, from the lord almighty himself.

Mike Frost AKA "insert name you want here" is a known anti-semite person, even though he is Jewish himself.  He has been known to make fun of jews, calls them all kinds of names and has a deep rooted borderline sociopathic obsession with Hitler that it has scared some people that have been around him.  He is deep rooted in the Devil and has known ties to satanic cults and has sent various religious people satanic messages.  He tries to bully people who speak about him and is just a all around demented person.

Anybody that has every had dealings with him have tried to get away from him as fast as humanly possible.  Nobody values his opinion other then the profiles that he creates to agree with himself.  This child in a mans body is so stupid that on some of these profiles, he posts his own photo, MIKE FROST AKA "insert alias.name here" with different celebrities in these new people's profile photos.  This is borderline mental retardation behavior.  I say borderline because comparing him to actual handicapped people would be a insult to the handicapped.  Most were born that way and can't help it, but here is a man-child that goes out of his way to act like one.  This shows massive signs of mental instability, MASSIVE!


Even business venture that this man-child has done has gone down in a huge ball of flames.  Look at his court records.  Evicted from numerous places, sued by companies for failure to deliver.  Kicked out of his own clubs, felony traffic tickets and fines.  He was even kicked out of his own authentication company.  This man-child can't do anything right other then being the poster man-child for FALIUR.

Why would anybody ever talk to or listen to anything this guy says?

People also are asking, why talk so much about him, Because we are doing the hobby a favor.  Letting people know just what kind of person he is.

If you deal with him on your own free will, you have been warned, and when he takes advantage of you, like he seems to do to all of his customers, don't come crying as you will be told, what did you expect, look at the info about him.


Toman Tren signing off for now.


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  • Look at what that half wit is doing.  He takes whatever names he see's on blogs and makes them members of his autograph club, just so he can add numbers to it and then say that he "banned" them.  How can you ban a person who is not a real actual member of said club?

    I for one have NEVER joined the IADA website or club.  Michael Frost of PAAS is again proving just how much he lies and is a LIAR! (Liar's lie, that's what they do)

    This man is seriously lacking basic mental functionality.  This is moronic behavior from a pea-brained idiot.  He truly does act and look like this Jethro character!  6th grade education at best.

    And he calls himself a PROFESSIONAL.  WHAT A DAMN JOKE!  If he's a professional, i'm a monkey... and FYI I am not a monkey.  This man just proves how stupid and un-educated he is on a daily basics, I am truly amazed.

    Even though he takes things down, he is still going to be held accountable for them.  When he writes something it is important to capture it, as he's libel for it for ONE YEAR from the date that it's written and posted.  Even if he only post's it for one minute.

    I have a feeling this man is going to be seeing the inside of a prison before this is all said and done.  He really just can't help himself and keep his big fat lying mouth shut.  His lawyer should stop representing him, it's only going to get worse for both from here on out with Mike doing what he does everyday.  Ohh well, liars lie, that's what they do!

    Thanks to the Autographplanet of morons , The IADA- CC membership hit an all time high..
    Date: 2014-10-24 08:23:14

      John Jacob Dryer from Germany.?,  Jeffery Hunter, all the way from California, Thomas Feigenbaum from the great state of Florida,  Daniel from Alamends, California, and the one and only Tomas The Tren from Eugene Or.,  Charlie Hudson from New York, Brokenzipper from California,  Mr. Scotty Fielding from good old San Diego and what every other name these mental cases wish to make up and bring into the court room.

  • HA HA!  Very good point's Mr. Tren!

    He sure is a IGNORAMUSES!  I loved those Jethro photos, he along with that grease mullet he wears sure does look like Jethro!  Did he make it past the 6th grade though?  His actions don't show that.

  • Just how stupid is Michael Frost?  This man is a real low life.  A true ignorant person.

    He calls people stupid and anti-sementic for QUOTING THE BIBLE!!! 

    Just how stupid is this guy?  Did he make it past the 6th grade in school?  Or is he a real life Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies?

    If a person quotes a bible verse, that is not being a anti-semite, it is quoting scripture.

    I can't wrap my head around just how stupid this ignoramuses is.  When and if you forget, he goes and reminds you.

    Ohh, and Mike,  A IGNORAMUSES is : an ignorant or stupid person.  IE: Michael Frost of PAAS

  • Then it is important that he is reported to the proper authorities!  He will of course DENY it and say that this is made up, but as long as somebody has that card, he won't be able to run from it for too long.  He has been reported to MLB, and they said he is not listed as a approved agent or doctor.  This is something that the police need to investigate further.

    • The UACC's ethics person says it best here about Michael Frost of PAAS and his use of the IADA-CC website for his personal attacks:

      Comment by Steve Zarelli 

      I am stunned the IADA-CC would post a vicious personal attack on their news page. I thought this was a legitimate organization. It’s completely inappropriate and unprofessional. If I was a member, I’d want to know how this could happen under the official banner of the club. How embarrassing.

  • The Dr. Frost business card came from his shop in Hollywood, Florida. It was called "The Show Emporium, & Coney Island Hot Dog Cafe". Just a few feet from the hot dog wagon is where Frost also ran his "PAAS" opinion service. On the front counter was three stacks of cards, One for the show emporium/hot dog stand, another for PAAS and the third for Dr. Michael Frost. I took one of each card.

    When it was discovered that Frost was impersonating a Doctor, his response was to create a falsehood.  Frost wrote that I created the card, it was not his.  Being simple minded and forgetting he said this he wrote just weeks later that "I begged him for the card." Once again, caught in his own lie.  Impersonating a Doctor in Florida is probably a criminal offense. His card lists no license number. What else can you call Mike Frost but a fraudster?

  • Does anybody know how he got the "DR" title?    I suspect it involves some sort of fraud, anybody have any information on it?

  • Well written!  I don't think I could have said it better Mr.Tren.  WELL WRITTEN!!!

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