Breaking news on the autograph hobby front.


Mastro, was sentenced to 20 months in jail for his crimes.



ALSO, RR Auctions, Bob Eaton,


Upsets judge in one of his cases when asked for his shill bidding records, admits that they have been destroyed, and he can't provide them to the court.



Stay tuned as more information comes in from across the pond, it will be put up when it becomes available.





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  • ...those schmucks Eaton, White, Otto, Livingston, and little (weasel) Eaton, and company were laughing all the way to the banks for many, many years.  I only hope the FBI are talking to all the OTHER - now former - employees of R&R while Kay Burris worked there.  So much more truth to come pouring out.  We're loving seeing the rats starting to feed... 

    on each other!

  • So I put a bid in at an auction that may run 2 or 3 weeks, I set aside the funds that will be required if a were to win. 3 weeks pass, i've kicked myself in the behind twice during those 3 weeks because better less costly items have come and gone.

    Now the kicker..., when the auction that i've bid on and have responsibly set aside funds for nears its conclusion, I'm outbid by "someone looking out for the best interests of the consigner"?????????

    What a crock!!!!!!

  • Karen (Kay) Burris is smiling down from Heaven, hobbiests.  Her children are peacefully sleeping knowing that the "truth" always IS the truth.  I only hope the feds have already sussed out Eaton's private collections in his homes and apartments and those of his kids's homes.  He always bragged if it all went belly up with R&R, he's have plenty to start over with the following day with what he's kept away from the company vaults.

  • It's something else that is for sure.  If you look at what RR Auctions has done throughout the handling of Michael Johnson's case, they sure don't come off as "honest", in my opinion.

    Taking images off the website, not allowing him access to his account, then voiding his account, call PSA to change the verdict of items there, then saying they didn't after admiting they did, changing and editing "terms of service" on site for things listed in lawsuit, deleting posts on blogs in the hopes that their own words won't be used against them, now listing in the terms that they are allowed to bid on items in their auctions, not turning over things in a timly manner, stonewalling at every corner, putting up false and malicious claims, then when it's discovered, they try to take it down, but the links still work, destroying records, editing emails, the list just goes on and on.

    And all that anybody has to do, is ask themselves, ARE THESE ACTIONS OF A COMPANY THAT "HAS/HAS NOT" anythying to hide???

    That question, really answers itself does it not?

    If I were them, with what is gonig on with Mastro, and his sentence, I would not want to be in RR Auctions shoes right now.

  • I'm sure this goes on all the time especially on eBay. Can anyone say crooks?
  • Apparently this is all getting very real now!

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