Monday, Feb. 8, 2016 a Federal Judge sentenced the disgraced memorabilia executive, Doug Allen to 57 months in a federal prison.  Allen will surrender himself to federal authorities in May.

Allen gave up a long list of names of shill bidders that participated in the Mastro Auctions.  The list of names, many well known in the autographs industry, some with very shady backgrounds has been posted.  It is being said that the attorney for Allen is trying to get those posted names removed from publication.

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  • Many of the names on the shill bidding list will most likely continue to screw each other in the prison showers.

  • Miles, a most interesting thought.  I can proudly state that I have NEVER logged onto the AML website.  From day one, my instincts said, I did not want to have my name associated with such a site.  Man, was I right!

  • Why don't you just queitly join AML and add the list?, what are they going to do? remove it? I currently have an ID there, i could do it?
  • Take notice, look at all the familiar names listed on the shill bidding list.  Not one of them is associated with "Autograph Planet." Yet, many of them are associated with two other sites that trash the legitimate persons in this hobby/business. Not one of those two other sites will allow messages to be posted about the corrupt in this business.  Then again how many want to expose themselves?

  • Bunch of tapioca eating puddinheimers at that site Grant.
    Would be difficut to find a single strong willed individual amongst them. It takes the courage of a strong willed "Planeteer" to confront the corruption and greed that has befallen this hobby. They are afraid. Both fearful and lacking of any real knowledge of what is happening, and of course how are they ever to know? considering that their site seems to utilize member removal as a tool to effectivly guide the tone of all discussions. They seem oblivios to the fact that they exist within a stale, putrid, fantasy world. Nothing more than lost, lonely, distraught children unable to face so many of the harsh realities of this world. So many hiding behind Star Wars masks, and cotton candy dreams.
  • I wasn't aware that AML actually prohibited the discussion of the shill bidding list that has been released? I was thinking that AML has simply suspended or removed any free thinking individuals at that site who would ever have the courage or strength of character to discuss such a topic.
  • Isn't that something. The owner of the company get 20 months, and this guy who thought he was going to get less then that gets 57 months.

    As far as the list goes, it has closed a few forums.  Steve Cyrkin won't allow anybody to talk about it on his and NET 54 has had very little talk in regard to the actual NAMES of the people.

    If you want any of the info from those 103 pages, I would suggest getting them why they are up, because just as fast as they went up, they could leave us.

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