• DUE DILIGENCE!  Know who you are dealing with!!!  These self proclaimed experts with no educations.  Know what you are buying!  Become your OWN expert.  That's what this hobby is turning into.

  • WOW!  Very interesting!  What a great find!

    1/2 BILLION dollar in sales.  MASTRO'S is always re-inventing themselves.

    He started the auction in 1996, saw it as a SALES and AUCTION.  To get people with CHARACTER  and INTEGRITY that are second to none.  To team with people like that.

    To have the best of the best, and to only offer the best of the bestHigh end material and become known for that, to lead the industry in just that. (Shill bidding be dammed)

    Joe Orlando of PSA/DNA makes his first appearance at the 4:14 mark where he says "MASTRO'S is QUALITY, Great reputation.  Host of others, saying great things about the company.

    If Mastro's says something is real, it's real.  If they say it's authentic, it's authentic.  (if they shill, they will shill hahahaha)

    Doug Allen is on and off throughout.

    1/2 million is spent a PR per year to hit the MAX market.  Using a local and national firm.  At this point in the video, some of the alleged high value fakes are shown, the trimmed Wagner card, the HUGE jar of Elvis hair that was DNA tested and proved to be fake, coming from PSA/DNA's, and JSA, and RR auctions authenticator, and ID' as a SERIAL SHILL BIDDER in both Mastro's and RR Auctions John Reznikoff.  (Who is said to have more Lincoln hair then would have been on his head but that's for another story... alleged) the Fake Rosa Park bus and others.

    Allen then talks about the beautiful William Boehm shill bidding program that Forbes gave a award for.  One has to wonder, does or is Forbes award of the criminal activity that was going on with Mastro's??

    10:23 mark Jimmy Spence of JSA comes on to talk about Mastro's authentication and why they use them and PSA

    at 10:48 a very portly STEVE GRAD of PSA/DNA comes on to talk (NICE TITS GRAD!!!) He goes on to say, "we know autographs, we know sports, americana, historical, if you get a PSA sticker it ADDS VALUE TO A ITEM"  (any proof to that chubs?)

    12:00 Jeff Marren-Creative Director talks more about the "state of the art bidding system" that is UNMATCHED in the business (except by RR Auctions as William Boehm created and installed both)

    Doug loves hearing his own voice, so he talks more about how great the company is and they are very careful in how they do things.  Sports, Americana and even Fine Arts, Mastro's is there to DO IT and DO IT as the "WORLD'S BEST, SECOND TO NONE"

    we last see Joe Orlando at the 16:30 mark saying Mastro's in in one word "QUALITY"

    With "QUALITY" of auction houses like this, what else do you need right folks?!

    How come Steve Cyrkin isn't talking about this?  HMM?!

  • At the 11:38 mark. Anyone else catch this? Heard that some of the former employees have moved on to work with others? What role? How deeply involved? backroom.JPG?width=721Satire of course, fun fun fun!

  • Mastro Auctions is out of business?

    What happened? 

    Have they gone on to bigger and better things?

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