roger epperson (48)

Michael Frost of PAAS, what is wrong with him?

Was Michael Frost wanting to be a Homosexual wife to somebody?

 For years there has been accusations and rumors of Michael Frost's alternative lifestyle. People always would comment on Michael Frost's mannerisms such as his effeminate look an

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1 Reply · Reply by Ken Booth Nov 5, 2014

Roger Epperson, REAL and Signed Sealed Delivered SUED, again!

 Reply by Richard 1 hour ago
Are you actually being sued on this case ?
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Guess he spoke too soon.  The question was posed to him on the RR auction lawsuit. 

The very lawsuit that Roger has bee

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83 Replies · Reply by Willie Naler Mar 16, 2019

Michael Frost of P.A.A.S. is he a demented man child?

Michael Frost, AKA Dr. Mike Frost...aka Michael Feignebaum shows time and time again that everything in his little brain just isn't firing on all cylinders.


Mike Frost, AKA all the names listed above is currently being sued in 3 different lawsuits.

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8 Replies · Reply by John Jacob Dryer Oct 24, 2014

Ripped off by a James Spence lifetime guarantee

I saw this story in the news over here in the UK, thought it should be posted for all to see.


This is truly amazing!  James Spence himself sells a item in 1993, and later fails the very item when it was sent into his company JSA.

This is truly amaz

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3 Replies · Reply by Tomas Tren Sep 19, 2014

Who is Michael FEIGENBAUM???

Anybody have any information as to who a Michael Feigenbaum is?


Doing a court records search this name keeps popping up associated with a Michael Frost.  The same Michael Frost that owns and runs P.A.A.S.  The same Michael Frost that is being sued

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2 Replies · Reply by Jeffery Hunter Sep 15, 2014

Michael Frost of P.A.A.S Who and what is he all about??

Mike Frost of P.A.A.S.,
Who and What is he all about?
To answer this question all anyone has to do is Google his name. If what you read about him isn’t enough to scare you out of autograph collecting and autograph authentication you
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Michael Frost of P.A.A.S authentication

Finally gets served with his portion of the lawsuit. Michael Frost of PAAS was served while he was at the NATIONAl when the doors were opened.
He now has no more reason to hide and can now be held accountable for his part and his lies that he has sai

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