List of Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses

The following list, very carefully put together, is of those autograph dealers and auction houses that pass muster in the COA Library. The list consists of those who have clean records with regard to their associations in the industry, lack of ethics complaints, not associated with issuing “useless COA’s” and have had a sterling reputation for several years. These are autograph professionals who research their items and will honor their guarantee of authenticity.

There are dealers who may have been inadvertently left off the list. May we hear from you for possible submission.

Adam Andrusier - UK
Alexander Historical Auctions - MD
Andreas Wiemer Historical Autographs - Germany
Antiquar & Auktionator - Holland
Archives Historical Autographs - VA
Bauman Rare Books - PA
Bill Corcoran - FL
Brian & Maria Green, NC
Burkhard Schubert - Germany
Butterfields Auctioneers - CA
Cowan’s Auctions - OH
Custodians of History - MA
David J. Holmes - NY
Deco Memorabilia - CA
Demarest - France
Diana J. Rendell, Inc. - MA
Erasmushaus Ltd. - Switzerland
Gary Combs Autographs, Inc. - NY
Gary Grossman - NY
Gerard A.J. Stodolski, Inc. - NH
Greg Nazareth - FL
Greg Tucker Autographs - NV
Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. - IL
Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles - CA
Jack Bacon & Co. - NV
J.A. Stargard - Germany
JG Autographs - MA
Jim Stinson Sports - UT
John K. King Books - MI
JR’s Autogramme - Germany
Julian Browning - UK
Kenneth W, Rendell, Inc. - MA
Kotte Autographs - Germany
LaScala Autographs - NJ
LeLands Auctions - NY
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers - IL
Les Perline & Co. - NY
Librairie Signatures - France
Lim Antigua - Italy
Lion heart Autographs, Inc. - NY
Lisa Cox Music - UK
Neale Lanigan - AL
North Shore Manuscript Co. - NY
One of a Kind Auctions - FL
Pat Claren - CO
Profiles in History - CA
Richard Simon Sports - NY
Ron Gordon - NM
Ron Keurajian - MI
Safka & Bareis Autographs - NY
Schubertide Music & Arts - MA
Scripta Historica - Germany
Scripta Scientism - Germany
Schulson Autographs - NY
Seaport Autographs - CT
Second Story Books - DC
Seth Kaller, Inc. - NY
Sophie Duprie Autographs - UK
Space Flori - Germany
Star Shots - FL
Stephen Koschal - CO
Steven L. Hoskin - FL
The Raab Collection - PA
The Written Word - NH
Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books - CA
Todd Mueller Autograph Auctions - CO
Treasures in Writing - FL
Walls of Fame - FL

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  • Steve's number one guy is involved in a case where he won't return the buyers $10,000 purchase price.  Then, you look and there are multiple other items that failed 2-3 other authentication process' and #1 still won't refund any money and he's being promoted at a guy to BUY FROM????

    I know he's mentally ill, but really, this blatant?


    If you were to total everything up, court costs, products, everything, I would be say he's going to be looking to be out close to 2-5 million, right?

    And this is a guy that is being tagged as somebody to purchase from???

    I would say, buy at you're own risk, no?  What guarantee do you have that you will EVER get a refund?  The way he has that refund policy written,* "agreed upon expert"... ha ha!  What a bunch of crap!  HE NEVER HAS TO AGREE TO ANYBODY, therefore, YOU ARE STUCK WITH THE ITEM FOREVER!!!!!

    At this point, there is so much information, if people come forward with a item, from him, you have to almost say, well, you were warned!

    Looking at AML/Cyrkin writes everyday just makes me sick.  How is he protecting anybody?


  • Mr. Cyrkin has just posted a list of autograph dealers he recommends.  It's like a who's who list of undesirables.  He list dealers that once a collector deals with them they will never come back.  Dealers known for not honoring their COA's, dealers who don't guarantee their autographs.  It's all documented on  Also note most all the dealers he lists are involved in multiple lawsuits against them.  The only surprise is he doesn't recommend Bill Mastro.  Maybe it's because he's currently serving time in prison.  He should have rounded out Cyrkin's list!  What a list he posted of serial shill bidders and auction houses known for promoting clowns.  It shouldn't surprise anyone to know Cyrkin is also involved in multiple lawsuits.

  • Finally good to see a list of those trustworthy.  Many I have bought from are not on this list.  Oops.  Maybe I can still sell them on ebay with their authentication papers.  Will find out soon and let you know.

This reply was deleted.