Hi everyone I just wanted to point out that there has been over 200 signed Bert Stern prints on invaluable by Simon Parts auctions but yet only a fraction of Michael Jackson signed art. And the Bert Stern pieces are Marilyn Monroe subject, but yet its Michael Jackson that gets more coverage on AML. 

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  • New MJ drawing at Heritage auctions from the David Gest estate. 11th November 2017.

  • They are limited as in for example only 36 were made of one image and the photographer is dead so once they are sold then there's no more out there signed of those images. 

  • Hi Raiderchef,

    We have around 175 different images that we use for auction. The jeweled pieces aren't editions and only a few exist. The others it really depends, some are editions of 36, some 72. Low numbers like that mainly. But they mainly don't exist anywhere apart from with us and the consigner.

  • Nice photos.  Just curious.  Can you tell us how limited the editions are of each photo?

  • These are some of the nicest pieces we have in auction that have came directly from Bert's personal assistant.  

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