Koschal Challenges Michael Hecht,
President of the UACC to an Interview

The opinion of many is that the UACC under the presidency of Michael Hecht has been run into the ground. The near demise of the UACC has affected the entire International autograph community.

Not long ago, Michael Hecht admitted in the UACC club booklet, that management of the club was hiding under their desks from creditors. The club, no longer having shows, not having the costs of a Membership Directory, nor a printed club booklet, and not having the expenses of mailing these items and more is in financial difficulty. This is inconceivable.

On three occasions, the last being 18 February 2016, Michael Hecht has been asked to resign the presidency.

All requests have been ignored!

The following are just a few reasons why the U.A.C.C. has deteriorated;

a) In a growing market, membership has dropped from 2200 to approximately 700
b) Several club shows held a year have vanished
c) The club has been reduced to a web site
d) Ethic’s complaints addressed to the club are not acknowledged
e) Club members are being investigated by law enforcement
f) Club ethic’s rules are not enforced
g) Accountant’s report not accessible nor published for over 15 years
h) Club has lost respect by many in the autograph community
i) Your refusal to work with those in the autograph community who try to unify the hobby

It is for these and numerous other reasons that Mr. Hecht must be held accountable.

Therefore, it is insisted that an interview be held and questions be asked of Mr. Hecht regarding his terms as president of the U.A.C.C. The interview should be held in a hotel conference room, open to members of the autograph community and be video taped.

I look forward to hearing directly from Michael Hecht regarding this proposed interview. Continued hiding is no longer an option. My address is 7155 Sand Crest View, Colorado Springs, Colorado. My email address is skoschal@aol.com.

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  • I've heard rumors that the UACC basically shut down six months ago.  As for Michael Hecht you may not be aware that the Manuscript Society whose membership is dropping, has dropped Michael Hecht from being head of the membership committee.  This was so predictable. 

This reply was deleted.