JSA and PSA-DNA, do they know real from fake???

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  • Simon Parr:  How could EXPERTS do this????!!!!  HOW??!!!

  • Miles, I met your cousin about 8 years ago, everything you described! And more...!!!

    Some musical sunshine from the Vanderhoven to the suckers living out East:

  • This was online a few years ago on different websites and thought it would be good to be posted again.  These and the JSA items that were real until they had a Chris Morales COA on them, then turned bad items along with the Roger Epperson "Dead men albums" are all 100% real, and they do exist and WILL be part of the on going lawsuits.

  • Who wrote the article or what is the source? Overall it was interesting and informative. One error I found was in the Reagan section. It states, "Autopens don’t bleed through the paper, especially through thick paper." This is not accurate.

  • Deeply Disturbing!
    I have a 22 year old cousin name of "Gardenia" lives in West Kentucky, she has the most perfect, flawless alabaster skin, she is a natural athlete, firm in all the right places yet soft and supple in them places where a woman ought to be. She smells like the most wonderful fragrant rose, her breath is like the fresh air of spring after a purifying rain. Her voice is the most prettiest thing you ever heard, she don't say much, but when she do, it is like a song delivered from heaven. She is the friendliest, most kindest creature I have ever known, she makes everyone she meets feel unique, special.

    Anyhow, she says that this crap is deeply disturbing also!
  • This one is a little longer, 57 pages.

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