John Wayne Gacy (The Killer Clown) A New Book In The Works


A new book is in the works regarding the association of John Wayne Gacy (the Killer Clown) and Stephen Koschal.  Steve Koschal was Gacy’s agent for original artwork for two years (1991-1992).  An actual contract was signed between the two on Gacy’s  “Execute Justice…Not Peole” letterhead. There was much correspondence between the two and many Sunday afternoon phone calls that had extraordinary content.  All of the phone call content has never been published.

In addition, Steve Koschal has a large file of “original” John Wayne Gacy’s personal files. These are not the files of letters from Gacy’s fans but much of the correspondence is related to his defense.  Gacy personally signed each of the letters and documents in the file.

Should anyone have had an interesting meeting with Mr. Gacy or a letter with extraordinary content and would like to share it with the author for possible publication send the information in an email to:

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