Jimmy Carter Study,

I am presently working on a project/study of Jimmy Carter's recent signatures. I would appreciate hearing from everyone who has received a signature of President Carter, in person, withing the last few years. Also, I would like to hear from anyone who has obtained his signature through the mail during the last few years. Please be so kind to send illustrations of his signatures to this forum.

Many thanks in advance.

Steve Koschal

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  • Thank you for contributing!!

  • SDC10619.JPG?width=721SDC10621.JPG?width=721SDC10623.JPG?width=721SDC10625.JPG?width=721SDC10628.JPG?width=721SDC10630.JPG?width=721Here are the remaining six examples I have of Carter. I never saw anyone walk away with a book signed with his full first name.

    Seattle Signings

  • SDC10624.JPG?width=721SDC10627.JPG?width=721SDC10629.JPG?width=721SDC10587.JPG?width=721SDC10598.JPG?width=721SDC10615.JPG?width=721Here are six more.

  • SDC10590.JPG?width=721SDC10599.JPG?width=721SDC10618.JPG?width=721SDC10620.JPG?width=721SDC10622.JPG?width=721Here are the first five examples. As usual, my problem was me. It takes a fair amount of time to download each photo. I though my computer had locked up. I'll download the rest in smaller batches. I also apologize for the quality of these. If I need to re-do them, I will after getting some lessons in taking close-up photos. I placed a ruler across the bottom for scale.

    In the near future I'll post a list of a number of the more prominent people I've met here so if anyone would like to see their signatures, I'll get on it.

    More coming.

    Seattle Signings

  • Sir:  I live in the Seattle area and I've attended 3 book signings with President Carter in the last 10 or 11 years, all of which have taken place at the University of Washington Bookstore. He offered to sign up to four books person at at least two of these. Counting my partner, who gets her own signed copies, I have 17 signatures that I'd be happy to post or send you. However, I tried a few times and I'm not certain how to upload them via this site. If you have suggestions, I'll certainly try them. Or I can forward them privately if you prefer.

    Cameras and photos are strictly forbidden at his signings so I don't have personal photos of him from these events. I also don't have the exact dates but I can probably determine them if that helps. My best guess is that they took place in about 2003, 2006 and 2009. I only have the books; no other items, photos or memorabilia were allowed at each event.

    To other members who are interested, I can supply examples of any and all items I have obtained and I can attest that I either got them signed myself or I can provide the circumstances if I did not. Ex: Paul McCartney did a book signing at a store here in 2004. Unlike 'normal' signings, he signed books in the back of the store for about 30 minutes, then passed them out until they were gone. He believes that he can get more signed for more people that way. I can also pass along any weird rules or exceptions that a particular celebrity has that may offer a little insight into their habits. If you hear of a future event in my city and would like me to try and get a signature from someone I'd be happy to if I can for the cost of the book, CD, etc. and postage. I don't chase limos, but I do try to get to public events. I take photos when I can and would make them available. If it's someone with high demand, like McCartney, they limit customers to one per person and I keep those for myself.

    Seattle Signings

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