I've read enough to stay away from the UACC.  Does anyone have any input on whether the Manuscript society is a worthwhile club to join?  What do you get for joining?  Anyone have suggestions or recommendations?

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  • Not sure why you are badmouthing Ed Bomsey. I have dealt with him in the past and always found him to be a gentlemen and very ethical. Myron Ross

  • I'd heard Ed Bomsey is a douchbag.  Not good!

  • In my opinion The Manuscript Society has changed little since its inception. It is not really a club for autograph collectors.  I think the name of the club says it all.  I believe the organization really turned south under the presidency of Ed Bomsey. Nothing of interest or new to me was going on, same ole, same ole.... In 2005 they had 1500 members.  My last count was  755 including 145 libraries.

    Not long ago thier journal had 21 Full page ads from supporting dealers. Last look 7.

    They had 7 half page ads last look 2

    They had 24 quarter page ads last look 6

    Looks like many others feel the same way i do.

    I had some wonderful ideas to easily grow the club but deaf ears would not listen What they choose to do is appoint Michael Hecht to be in charge of membership services. The same Michael hecht who was president of the UACC and there's no question what happened to that group. That was a huge mistake.

    If you are a scholar of history this organization might be for you.  If you are a collector of autographs you may shy away like I did .

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