I knew last year that anyone advertising with Steve Cyrkin and his Autograph Live magazine website should be looked into further.  Steve Cyrkin is promoting an auction and hoping to help them sell lots of naked photos of celebrities.  I'm seriously questioning the authenticity of many of these pieces.  Do these look authentic? 

I know Julie Andrews is a tough signature.  Could this be authentic?  Cyrkins website claims to help people with authenticity.

I thought Kathernie Hepburn refused to sign photos.  She did here?  The Jane Fonda looks different too but Steve Cyrkin promotes these.

How about this Bill Novak?  I think it's suppose to be Kim?  Am I  missing something?

I thought Vanna White would never sign these photographs? 

Nice Madonna image.  Is that her signature?  Huh.  I feel stupid.

No way!  A nude photo signed by Britney Spears?

This is my favorite.  When these images came out Betty White said it wasn't her in the photo, that the girl looked better then she ever did.  But she signs it anyway with a version of her signature never before seen?

What do you guys/gals think?  Is Steve Cyrkin promoting the distribution of forgeries?  Or are these all fine and my bad?  Something doesn't seem right with the signatures on many of these pieces.  It looks too good to be true.  But if you like nude images they have plenty.  Just conserned about protecting collectors from bad pieces and I know Autograph Planet is known for breaking the news on cover ups by Autograph Live/Steve Cyrkin.  What does Mr. Zipper of RR Auction think?  Does Steve Zarelli endorse the authenticity of all these?  Just curious.

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  • Regency Superior Auction   this is so out of the norm for these people.  when the catalog arrived I did a double take (for more than one reason!).  There are some Farrah ones that I also question as she is very adamant about not signing them, last I knew.  I'd have to go back and see how close they are to the secretarial signatures... Uncovering them as celebrity sleuth did is one thing but getting authentic signatures on them is another matter.

  • Darn, no nude Greta Garbo signed photographs. 

  • Oh wow. Some of this appears to be old Starbrite Inventory.  I saw this one awhile back when Steve Cyrkin owned the autograph company.  It's suppose to be Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's signatures.

  • I just looked at a few of these as well. I know several of the Ronda Rousey signatures are off as are a few others I am familiar with. I do not trust the signatures in this auction.

    Finally, I believe some of the pictures are from the celebrity cloud hack last year and are illegal to sell. I saw a picture of the Hunger Games star. After I saw that, I knew better than to trust these and left the page.

  • I meant Cher not share

  • Great catalog.  Everything must be good as Cyrkin is pushing these autographs.  I hope I win this

    And I have to get this.  How late does the auction go?

    I'm so glad I found this auction.  Thank you Autograph Live for helping collectors differentiate forgeries from what is real.  This is a real beauty

    I just love Katy Perry.  I'm going to go broke bidding on all these gems

    So I don't waste my money.  Steve Cyrkin credible right?  I definitely need a share to top off my collection.

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