Is the website autograph live legitimate?  I see an unusually amount of bad material posted over there that the members think is authentic and a lot of good material they criticize and call crap.  Is the site a legitimate site for autograph collectors?  Thoughts?

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  • I have seen this website.  It's a mess.

  • For years I felt rr auction was legitimate.  But two things greatly raise serious doubts about their credibility to me and I don't think I am alone.  First and foremost is their support of Steve Cyrkin and Autograph Live.  I wanted to believe they would be above the bashing of their competitors but I guess not.  They definitely support it through their advertisement.  Second, this greatly troubles me;

    I have heard they have lost money from the negative attention of the lawsuit they are embroiled in.  Maybe it's not the lawsuit at all?  Maybe it's their support of a terrible website.  Something they should think about if I were them.  Credible businesses stay out of politics. 

  • No, the website is run by a self admitted mentally ill person who preys off the insecurities of his members by using fear tactics.  His advertisers are non-legitimate autograph dealers who pay him revenue for protection.  In return he attacks their competitors with false attacks.  The whole site is a scam with imbeciles authenticating or failing autographs with terms like; "Look at that piece of crap."  It's an unsavory group of non-educated imposters.   I'd stay far away from the place for if you don't agree with their crazed mentality you will be attacked by the group.  I refer to the site as REVENGE OF THE NERDS.  When their advertisers sell fake autographs the site protects them with statements like; "It was only an honest mistake."   The blog uses the force of shock/anger/fear rather than the power of intelligence.  The owner, Steve Cyrkin is a person well known for selling a huge amount of forgeries and giving other forgeries away as gifts.  He's full of empty words and never specific when he blames others for what he has done.  He's the ultimate forger's friend.  When he owned Starbrite autographs he said he was shutting it down until he could pull out all the forgeries out of his inventory.  That was seven or eight years ago and his master distribution network of selling forgeries is still not back up.  The only truthful thing I have heard him state is that he is not an expert.  Why does this challenged person attack others?  To support his advertisers by attacking their competitors.  That site is a waste of time and everyone knows this but those on the site and their advertisers.  The entire legitimate autograph industry is laughing at them!

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