Ignorant Sellers of Autographs Using Incompetent Authenticators

Two wrongs will cost you, hope the education was worth it?

   At this day and age and after all that is documented on how incompetent many of the quasi authenticators are, some people still throw away their money for guesses where your cat can probably be more accurate.

The following examples are just a part of what one ignorant seller of autographs spent thousands of dollars for worthless guesses.  The quasi authenticators are laughing all the way to the bank. The seller gets what he deserves because of his own stupidity.

The following example is a very common signature of Merle Haggard.  The quasi authenticator (you’ll never know who it is because their name is not disclosed on the COA) lists 8 standard reasons why this signature in not authentic.  Basicaly the Certificate of Authentication is not worth a cent this seller paid. There is no signature of the "authenticator" on the Certificate, the letter is a form letter and does not indicate which of the 8 standard reasons is why the signature failed. Worse, there is no illustration of the Merle Haggard signature that was “supposedly” examined. They can always say that’s not the one we authenticated.


                     Genuine Merle Haggard signature failed by someone in hiding

How can anyone with a little more sense of a pea brain except this insanity?

Two very well respected dealers have looked at the many signatures this outfit failed and has determined each and every signature was genuine.

Illustrated are just a sample of the numerous COA”s the Florida dealer received.  Now, more common then ever, this same seller finds out that this dealer who sold the items does not respect the guess of these so called authenticators.  Therefore NO refund!  






                                                   Samples of Useless COA’s

In any event, the buyer seen copies in advance of every item he purchased. He was happy with each illustration before paying for the item.  How ignorant does someone have to be to purchase from a well known dealer who issues a COA then spends thousands of dollars to get a guess from someone who claims to authenticate yet hides their name and is unreachable. 

Interesting is just this morning I received an email from a very well known person in the sports industry.  He had something authenticated by me.  It took me 75 minutes to authenticate the item.

After receiving my decision he sent me an email and I’ll quote just one line: ”…I’ll burn genuine memorabilia before I let PSA authenticate anything I have…”

This reminds me of another one of the many negative stories about PSA.  It is about a pile of photographs from a private signing with Willie Nelson. The person who held the signing decided he had money to burn and sent the package of photographs to PSA to be authenticated.  Apparently they are also not familiar with the signature of Willie Nelson.  They contacted the person who held the private signing and said before they can authenticate the Nelson signatures they require a letter from Willie Nelson stating the photographs were signed by him.  The dealer who held the signing got the letter from Willie.  Now talk about a dim light, the fellow submitted the letter to PSA along with the large payment for the authentication certificate.  Why would anyone burn their money like that?  The letter from Willie is better than any COA from someone more and more people don’t respect and will not issue a refund based on their uneducated guess.

Once again, the authentication company laughs all the way to the bank.

Have any of you noticed the influx of unknowns now authenticating autographs?  One Florida authenticator said all you need is a letterhead and a dumb collector willing to pay for it.

True story, the last time I saw this individual he was actually selling hot dogs out of a pushcart.

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  • Steve-  PSA/DNA SUCKS!  They are horrific.  They can't authenticate anything but forgeries!  They are beyond awful and nobody should ever, ever give a refund based off the incompetence of whoever their guesser is.  I heard it's a former forger authenticating autographs for them now.  Joe Orlando should be ashamed of this embarrassment and the FBI should indict them.  This hobby is being destroyed by PSA/DNA every second of everyday.

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