Don't know if a Jerry Lee Lewis secretarial exists? but Vanderhoven emailed me and asked if I would spend some time exploring the possibility as counterpoint to his thread. Im a bit uncomfortable about this but ill give it a shot. No disrespect to the lewis family is meant!!! as the title says Im huntin' snark here. This thread will just be coming from a different angle is all. Vander hoven has sent me over a thousand images to work with. I expect and insist he chime in also, im not doin this alone.

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  • It's good to see there are autograph experts in the autograph industry. 

    Thanks Grant!  Thanks Autograph Planet! Thanks JW Whitten for making it clearer than it already was.

  • Before you close it, let me add,

    Vanderhoven Knows!
  • So we all agree that 'Snark' is a fictional creature?

    I guess we ca close this thread?
  • Well, it must be official:

    Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager
    "Wow! And since JLL's wife swears that Jerry signs all his autographs himself, I guess we've been wrong all along!"
  • Interesting bit of legwork done by Ballroomdays67:


    "I got in touch with J.W. Whitten and mentioned the accusations regarding the TTM signatures and signed copies of “Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Story.” He stated that he does not sign for Jerry Lee Lewis, and that “it’s all rubbish.” He said that he doesn’t respond about BS such as this, but he made an exception and allowed me to pass this along to you. Thanks, Mr. Whitten!"

    Not that we here at Planet did not already understand the fact that J W Whitten doesn't sign autographs for Jerry Lee Lewis!
  • Lmfao, secretarial conspiracy theororists over at AML still trying, but can't, get a Who, What, Where, and When study together regarding JLL secretarials.

    Why not?

    Because they ain't there. That's why they get so upset!!!
  • Wow Grant!  You did it again!  See, one can only learn about autographs and get accurate opinions over here.  Cyrkin screwed the Pooch again and gave misleading and false information to the media, Again!  I hope he recalls himself.

  • The 2-tiered indicator is even noticeable on the Jerry Lee endorsed checks. Wife Judith's signature is crafted upon a single base line. Recall the Fruit Loops over at AML who said Judith was signing for Jerry Lee?

  • The beauty of the 2-tiered indicator is that it transcends the decades!

    It's wonderful!

    Not a trait exploited by any forger!


    ..., and REMEMBER, you read about it HERE first at AP! 

  • The 2 tiered indicator of Jerry Lee Lewis authenticity!

    You read about it HERE first at AUTOGRAPH PLANET!!!

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