How many times have you called sellers of autographs to sell your collection and have been discouraged? The more you call, the more confused you get.

You most likely have been told they don't want the collection but would like to choose one or two items from them. Of course they want the best items and you will be forever stuck with the rest.

Most autograph auctions will either tell you the same, or worse, will tell you the collection must go up in one lot.  Again, the bidder will be focusing on just a few items in the lot and you loose the rest.

It gets worse, you may hear is to be told that your items need to be authenticated.  The cost of that will blow your mind. Cost could be anywhere from $50 to $300 or more PER ITEM.

Is the above starting to sound familiar?

It doesn't get better when dealing with an auction house, READ THE FINE PRINT.  If something goes wrong with the items, finding out later the auction house uses an authenticator of their choice and one item seems to be questioned, you may find that YOU, the submitter, will be liable for all attorney and court costs.  You may have sold an item for $500 and be liable for many thousands of dollars months or years later.  Very few collectors with autographs read the very fine print within the many pages of the legal agreement.

The easiest way to sell your autographs is to deal with a member of PADAH. Professional Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses. is a member and has fifty two years of experience buying and selling autographs and signed books.  He is internationally known, the recipient of many awards, author of over a dozen books on autograph collecting, worked with all levels of law enforcement and ready to hear from you.  Best of all, no autograph authentication is required.

For immediate results and payment call 561-315-3622 or  email


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