How much is this Jimi Hendrix Autograph worth

Its on a piece of old paper signed in pencil,been framed up with a photo of Jimi

i inherited from my grandfather back in the 80's as he had a collection of memorabilia

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  • I know what you mean after comparing yours to mine,there is a slight difference,
    Who can I ask if mine is genuine
  • I mean,

    where does one even begin?

  • I framed this muslef
  • Vanderhoven seems to recall these, always signed in pencil, often framed, Bordenave Bros. late 80's?

  • The examples I saw on the link you provided vary compared to what I posted
  • Not sure how to prove wrong but I have compared to other Hendrix and looks similar but I'm only an amateur in autographs
  • Google "Liz Shaw Hendrix*
    Thing is you'll have to convince others that your item is genuine for it to have value. I'm afeard that some may doubt that it is genuine. How will you prove them wrong?
  • Who is Liz Shaw?
  • Worth every bit as much as the Liz Shaw datebook items?
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